How To Cool The Bed For The Best Sleep At Night During Summer?

Sleeping peacefully during summers is a real struggle. The weather is sweaty and the beds absorb the sweat and make it even more uncomfortable. Running the air conditioners throughout the night not only causes dryness but is also expensive. 

Fans often have weird noises that disrupt sleep. Restlessness prevails no matter what. Nonetheless, bed cooling systems are the perfect solution to sweaty summers. 

There are various options in bed cooling systems such as – chiliPAD cube 3, COOLER sleep system, BedJet, The Pod, Moona smart pillow temperature device, and many others. Each of these systems has an excellent bed cooling facility so that you can have peaceful sleep during the night. 

  1. ChiliPAD – Chilipads are connected to another unit that has a thermostat. The mattress pad is spread on the bed. It can easily take up to 500 lbs weight.  This pad has several micro tubes allowing the circular flow of white throughout the period while you sleep comfortably.

The innovative design of the pad causes zero discomforts. This helps in maintaining a low temperature, making it one of the best bed cooling systems.

2. COOLER sleep system – There are rubber tubes inside the COOLER sleep system’s pad that are connected to a controlling system. A thermostat is there in that controlling unit. The thermostat helps in cooling the water and pushing the flow towards the tube. 

The cold water captures the heat and releases a cooling effect thereby making it one of the best cooling systems for the bed. The temperature can also be adjusted between 55 to 110 degrees. 

3. BedJet – BedJet gives you escape from tubes or electricity on the bed. This advanced cooling system gives immediate relief from sweaty beds and starts working within 10 seconds.

It is a sweat management system that lessens your body moisture during the night and maintains a dry and cozy atmosphere in your room. The outstanding dual-zone feature allows you to keep half of the room cool while another half warm.

4.  Eight Sleep’s The Pod – It is an advanced hydro-cooling technology making it one of the best cooling systems for bed. The Pod has a default tube system thereby relieving you of the burden of buying another pad or cooling mattress topper. 

Tubes are connected to a water tank called Hub. The Hub controls the temperature and functions similar to a controlling unit in pads. A dual feature in The Pod lets you maintain two different atmospheres within the same room.

The smart alarm feature in this bed cooling system starts an alarm that vibrates gently and stops right below your chest level. The temperature can be regulated between 53 and 115 degrees.

5. Moona Smart pillow temperature device – Moona has a pillow pad and a temperature controlling unit. It has an in-built water pumping system.

The cooling effect is fast and lets you sleep comfortably on a hot and sweaty summer night. It can be accessed using a smartphone. Another excellent feature is the smart alarm system. 

These are a few of the best cooling systems for beds available to give you the best sleep during summers. Pick your suitable item today and get relief from sweaty and uncomfortable beds.


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