How To Choose The Right Walker

Even though older adults are often considered slower-moving individuals, walkers can be used by older adults to stay active.

It may take some analyzing and testing out different walkers to find one that fits you the best, but once you know the key features to look for and have options to choose from, you will have an easier time adjusting to working with one.

Here is a list of what to look for when seeking walkers for older adults who have a variety of mobility and balance problems and who may be recuperating from a seizure or surgery.

What You Should Look For In A Walker

While shopping for a walker for yourself or a loved one, it is important to make sure that it has the features that will suit your needs, which is why it’s good to enquire about Evolution walker prices.

Because walkers come in so many different styles and costs, taking the extra effort to do your research with each product can help you get the most suitable one at an affordable price.

Types of Walkers

Walkers for seniors tend to be most commonly: 

  • Standard walker
  • Two-wheeled walker that rolls
  • Four-wheeled walker for a person with a disability.

If you have an unbalanced posture and will need to bear a considerable amount of weight on a walker, the Aging Center at the University of Arizona suggests that a standard walker is ideal.

If you start to have instability in your gait while on the walker, they suggest switching to a two-wheeled walker so that you can bear more weight as you move.

In the meantime, if you need a walker or cane to help you balance, then start with something sitting on four wheels.

Talk to an expert who knows your requirements and can make the best recommendation.

Although there are many types of walkers, it is a good idea to consult with a physician or any physical therapist before purchasing one. 

They can help you get going in the right direction by helping to keep you motivated.

In addition, you can communicate with an assistive technology support person. This is the expert who helps users of adaptive mechanisms find the best settings for their gadgets.

Be Mindful of These Fundamental Characteristics.

How Well It Adjusts: Look for the adjustability of the walker handles’ height, allowing you a proper fit and support. 

A long tall person (senior) would not use the same height walker as someone of smaller stature.

How Stable it is: For those who walk with their legs, a front-wheel walker is the best choice. 

Aiming for something that provides a place to sit and get a stamina boost, a four-wheeled walker that has a chair to balance your back and a seat to relax in is suitable.

What the Weight Rating Is: The most common walking devices are maxed up to 300 pounds. 

To deal with larger body mass, experts recommend considering a bariatric unit.

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