How To Boost Your Health and Have Fun Doing It

Wanting to be healthier is a goal shared by many. This isn’t easy to quantify, but the idea is simple enough. You could mean that you’d like to lose weight. You might want to get in better shape to run a 5k race. Maybe you’re focused on medical test results instead. Whichever metrics you have in mind, here are some tips to help you make food and movement choices more fun to improve your health.

Try New Produce

If you know that your diet has been more processed than paleo, it’s time to try some new, healthier foods. Eating smaller portions of food is a smart way to lose some weight. Dietary supplements such as Naltrexone might help if that’s your goal. You can also have fun with healthy foods by buying new things on each trip to the grocery store. Give yourself time to wander the produce department and buy one new fruit or vegetable that you’ve never tried before. From starfruit to watercress to parsnips, there’s a world of fresh produce to explore, and all of it is unprocessed and good for your body.

Cook Different Foods

Another way to enjoy healthy foods is to learn to cook a new cuisine. Many health experts tout the Mediterranean diet as a heart-healthy option. Learn to make Greek chicken with tzatziki sauce or a Mediterranean bean salad. Explore new ways to cook healthy fish. Discover grains you haven’t tried before. When you learn to cook these foods at home, you control the cooking method and how much fat, salt, and sugar are added, which means you can make the best choices for your health.

Find Fun Exercise

If you hate running, don’t make running your exercise of choice. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to move your body. Find a few types of exercise that seem like fun, and try them out. Of course, you probably won’t be great at any of them the first few times you try, but it shouldn’t take long to decide whether it’s an activity you think you can continue to enjoy. Many types of movement require very little investment in equipment. Consider trying yoga, walking, soccer, or even disc golf to get moving and building strength.

Join a Challenge

Many people like to add a challenge aspect to their exercise. That doesn’t mean just working harder. It’s a fun way to add meaning and context to tracking your movement. If you enjoy walking, keep track of how far you walk and set a stretch goal. You might want to walk the length of the Appalachian Trail (2,190 miles) or walk virtually from Graceland to Dollywood (436 miles). Challenge yourself to complete your walk in a specific amount of time for a little extra motivation. You can do similar challenges for sports that aren’t measured in distance. Do yoga for as long as Neil Armstrong was on the surface of the moon (21 hours and 36 minutes), for example.

It’s not new information that getting healthy involves eating less, eating better, and moving more. You can greatly improve your chances of meeting your goals, though, if you make the process more fun.

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