How to Boost Customer Retention and Engagement through SMS

One of the toughest challenges that many companies face is finding ways to engage with their audiences. As an entrepreneur, you probably know that customers experience has different touchpoints with your organization throughout their lifecycles. This offers you an opportunity to have a positive interaction, create a positive experience, and engage with your customers. The most important thing is to talk and truly listen to your customers and make them repeat customers. SMS communication has proven to be the fastest, powerful, and most effective tool in customer retention and engagement, thanks to its popularity and pervasiveness.

Why use SMS Communication for Customer Retention and Engagement?

SMS communication is a great marketing channel that boosts your lead generation, which can increase sales, enhance customer engagement and retention, and improve brand exposure.

Customer acquisition is an important marketing activity that can help increase your sales. But did you know it will cost you five times more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? It is essential to rethink your marketing efforts and figure out if you’re focused on customer acquisition or retention.

Quick Facts

1.Improving customer retention by only 5 percent can increase your sales by up to 95 percent.

2.Only 18 percent of brands invest in customer retention.

3.About 44 percent of businesses focus on customer acquisition rather than retention.

  1. About the 80:20 rule – understanding this rule can help grow your business tremendously. If 80 percent of your profits come from 20 percent of your customers, you can optimize existing relationships to maximize profits.
  2. 78 percent of customers prefer texting as opposed to emailing, making calls to brands.
  3. Sending messages has about a 45 percent response rate, with emails having only 6 percent.
  4. Up to 98 percent of text messages are read instantly.

SMS marketing is an effective communication strategy that sends reminders, alerts, and notifications to generate customer feedback. It is a two-way communication method that goes directly to consumers. Digital Marketing Magazine states that 75 percent of customers want to get offers through SMS.

The good part is that several online SMS platforms let you engage with your customers faster and effectively. You can visit Edgility to learn how their web-based SMS platform, MessagePort, can improve your business’s functionality. Their mobile technology allows you to send multiple messages instantly to employees and customers and track your communication in a direct, simple, and more effective way.

Enhance Customer Engagement and Retention Using SMS

Update Customers on Progress

You can use SMS to keep customers updated on the progress of a particular event that matters to them, like an upcoming sale. This ensures customers get the correct information when they need it and avoid surprises, increasing loyalty and trust.


SMS communication can help you run polls and surveys. This is a great marketing tool that can improve your engagement with customers. It also allows you to learn new things about your customers, their perception regarding your brand, and receive feedback on what’s not working. Furthermore, conducting surveys can improve existing relationships because customers will know that your company is there to serve them.

Learn More about Your Customers

Using SMS is a great way to get to know your customers. The data you gather tells you more about your customers’ needs, buying patterns, and preferences, enabling you to go the extra mile to satisfy their needs and make them happy.

Personalize and Target

Many customers want to engage with brands that utilize personal information to provide shopping experiences. Using customization and targeting is an excellent way to engage with customers. This could be as simple as reminding customers to buy a product they have bought before or thanking them for a recent purchase.

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