How to Boost Communication with Customers

The kind of communication you have with your customers can make or break your business. But this doesn’t just mean having an effective customer service department. You’re communicating with your audience from the moment they become aware of your brand until after the transaction has finished. So how can you make sure your communication is the best it can be? Here are a few things to consider:

Understand the Customer

You can only communicate effectively if you know who it is you’re communicating with. Not understanding who your audience is can be one of the biggest mistakes you make as a business. If you’re still lacking data about your target customer, it may be time to implement a thorough marketing strategy. Agencies like fastfwd Birmingham can make this process easier by taking all the hard work out of your hands.

Aim for Cohesion

Once you know who your customer is, make sure you’re communicating to them in the same way across all platforms. While you may have to change your approach depending on the channel or purpose of your message, your tone of voice shouldn’t vary wildly. Developing a cohesive marketing strategy helps your customer feel like they’re talking to one person rather than a hundred. This cements your brand presence and lets your values shine through.

Ask for Feedback

Communication is never a one-way street. Although increased sales can suggest your communication strategy is going well, asking for feedback can help to make it even better. Emailing your audience with a survey or having easily accessible contact information can encourage them to tell you how you’re doing. What’s more, asking for reviews means your audience will be communicating with each other. Lots of positive reviews will show potential customers that your brand does what it says, which can be a huge boost to sales.

Keep Language Simple

It can be tempting to use lots of technical jargon to illustrate your expertise, but there’s a time and a place for industry terms. You want to try and strike a balance with all your copy, making sure to use language that’s easy to understand without detracting from your extensive knowledge. If in doubt, you could look towards UX principles and gather data to explore what language your audience responds to best. This is especially important when it comes to making a purchase or signing up for a service.

Use Social Media

One of the top ways businesses are using to keep in touch with their customers is social media. On platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you can give your brand a more personal touch and get closer to your audience. Encourage comments and interactions to increase engagement while responding to questions to build rapport. You don’t need to be really informal on social media, but adding a dash of friendliness to your posts can create a more approachable angle to your brand. But make sure you’re monitoring your account regularly to avoid any questions slipping through the cracks.

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