How to Better Retain Employees

Being a business owner can come with many challenges. One of those is figuring out how to retain your employees. So why is making your employees engaged important? Because unengaged employees spend 22 full working days per year complaining about their manager, taking time away from working productively and likely causing others to engage in the griping as well.

There are several ways to retain employees, therefore coming up with a strategy that best fits your business is crucial in ensuring a productive and enjoyable workplace. Here are a few ways you can prevent employees from leaving your company.

#1 Train Employees Well

The first step to giving employees motivation in their role is to train them from the start on everything the job entails. This gives them a better chance of being able to tackle any task thrown their way in the future. Giving employees all the resources needed to perform their job will ultimately help them feel confident and content in their role.

Giving definitive instructions for job duties is essential to employee performance. Setting clear expectations for employees and giving regular constructive feedback will not only help clear up any miscommunications about their role but will also help them move forward in a more positive way.

Setting up employee support channels is another important way you can create a better retention rate for your business.

Giving new hires a manager to rely on for any questions they may have or support they might need makes employees feel comfortable in having a direct contact to go to if they need any help.

#2 Motivate Employees

Employees may not always feel motivated by their current position. As a leader, it’s your job as a leader to help them set and achieve their professional goals to help further motivate them to want to stay on at your company.

According to Forbes, 66% of people said they would quit their job if they felt they were not being appreciated by their employer. Giving constant feedback, including positive feedback, will help to let employees know they are on track. Additionally, giving employees the opportunity to provide feedback about management will make for dual-ended improvement. Having management not give much positive reinforcement causes employees to question whether they are valued by the company.

Give employee incentives to show your appreciation such as catered lunches, gift cards for outstanding performances, sending out an email announcement to the company congratulating an employee on a job well done, and celebrating employee anniversary dates. These actions show employees that they are more than just a moneymaker, but rather a true part of your company.

#3 Provide Opportunity for Advancement

One of the biggest reasons for employee turnover is an employee feeling like there is no opportunity for them to grow. If you have a smaller business, this doesn’t exactly mean that employees will quit because there are no more positions to move up into in the company, but rather that they aren’t learning any new skills to help their professional development.

The goal of any business is to continue to become more and more profitable, therefore giving employees the opportunity to advance their careers not only benefits them as a professional but your bottom line as well.

Paying for professional development courses and having them go to conferences and networking events will likely reflect well on your yearly sales. Having well-educated and continually developing employees makes for a smarter, more efficient workplace.

Another viable option to facilitate their career development is by offering an opportunity to relocate for work. According to ARC corporate relocation, this gives a chance for your employees to be agile, learn new skills, and thrive in a new working environment.

In conclusion, taking the time to train your employees, motivating them to do well by having management involvement, and providing a way for them to continually develop their skills will guarantee the retention of your employees. Retaining employees leads to a more productive, engaged workforce who is continually improving to help propel your company to great success.


Samantha Rupp
Samantha Rupp
Samantha Rupp holds a BS in Business Administration and is the HR Editor for She lives in San Diego, California and enjoys traveling, spending time on the beach and reading up on business industry trends.

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