Psychological Safety & Trust

When you see those annual rankings of the best places to work, do you find yourself wondering what it would take for your company to make the list? In this 6-part series learn the necessary ingredients that we’ve come to term the ACE model of engagement and leadership, which include awareness & alignment, creativity & communication, and lasting employee engagement, with a foundation of safety & trust. Each article is short and sweet, under 400 words, with quick tips and action steps so you can start implementing these strategies today.

Why are psychological safety and trust the starting place? They are the building blocks that are needed for people to bring their whole selves to work – necessary for a fully functioning and engaged workforce.

When employees feel safe, they feel like they can share their ideas – even the ones that aren’t always implemented.

Trust is established through transparency, or clearly defined expectations and established communication patterns practiced by all. These are the launching pad for happiness at work.

Want to learn what is happening in the brain that necessitates safety being the starting place? Click here or watch this quick video.

Quick Tips for safety, transparency and trust in the workplace to address high turnover, low productivity and lack of innovation.

  • What would your employees need to feel more secure at work? Ask them. Not feeling secure often leads to a dramatic reduction in engagement.
  • Are there established methods for effective communication that are practiced and reinforced regularly within your workplace? If not, use this as a starting point.

This Week’s Action Steps:

✅ Make note of what you do in your company to instill safety & trust?

✅ What is one thing can you do to increase safety & trust within your company this week?

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