How to Become a Celebrity Attorney

When many young kids are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, many will reply with answers like astronauts, veterinarians, or doctors. Plenty of children will also exclaim that they want to be a lawyer, not knowing that lawyers can be apart of many different practices and industries. Many young law students learn about the prosepct of becoming a celebrity attorney, and are attracted by the idea of proctecting artists from a harsh and unforgiving industry. Learn more about how to become a celebrity lawyer below.

Get an Undergrad Degree

Although it may intuitively make the most sense to study pre-law in undergraduate school, this is not  required to move to on the subsequent steps toward becoming a celebrity lawyer. Many of the top schools in the United States don’t even have a pre-law program.

Many people interested in pursuing law major in criminal justice, sociology, philosophy, English, or other common liberal arts degrees. Some people attend law school after majoring in less conventional majors, such as chemistry or ecology. The biggest consideration when getting an undergrad degree is a well-rounded schedule that has rigoros courswork. Being involved in extra-curriculuars and having a job in school may also make your application stand out.

Apply and Get Into Grad School

After graduating from an undergraduate program, it’s time to apply and attend law school. First, you’ll have to get a decent score on the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test). This score will be a part of law school applications, along with a personal statement, resume, letters of recommendation, and any other unique requirements your prospective grad school will have.

Most people earn their law school degree in three years, and it’s important to get excellent grades and participate in internships when possible to gain valuable experience. Once you graduate from law school, you only have a few more hoops to jump through before you can become a celebrity lawyer!

Pass The Bar Exam and Seek Further Education if Desired

Many people have heard of the bar exam, and it is often said with a tone of dread. It’s true that the bar exam is an incredibly difficult exam to pass, but this is for good reason. Only those with a truly sound grasp of the law should be able to pass the exam and represent clients and corporations.

After studying and preparing for the bar exam, you will hopefully pass it on the first or second try. Many lawyers take more than one try to pass the exam, as the exam itself has its own learning curve. Once you have jumped over this hurdle, you can now practice law!

Unfortunately, celebrity law can be a tricky industry to break into, so some prospective celebrity lawyers seek additional education to learn more about entertainment. There are some entertainment law master’s programs that may appeal to those looking to differentiate themselves from the croud.

In Conclusion

The path to becoming a celebrity lawyer is a long and rigorous one, but it can ultimately pay off with a steady and large paycheck and the opportunity to help actors, musicians, comedians, and more when they need legal help or representation.

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