How to be Small and Stronger than the Big?

The idea of this post emerged from my reading about the exceptional power of a tiny marine mantis shrimp (about 10 cm equal to 4 inches in length).

How to be small and yet powerful is the theme of this post.

This tiny shrimp has a host of admirable skills and power. It blows its claw so fast it boils the water around it and creates a flash of light. It reduces the surrounding pressure so that water boils.

To see how powerful this shrimp is I invite you to watch the video below. It is fascinating.

Notice how colorful this shrimp is and yet it is a deadly beauty being able to catch its prey with the force of a bullet, or spike the prey with its sharp claws. When the bubbles collapse they cause an intense shockwave, which is like a double punch and can stun, dismember or kill prey instantly – even if the mantis shrimp misses the target. No way can the prey escape. This creation of doubly-edged opportunity is amazing.

Even maybe more incredible is the eyes of the shrimp. They can move dependently or together. They can resolve sixteen colors (humans can only resolve three basic colors). These eyes enable the shrimp to gauge the depth and distance of prey.

We are only small when the attitude is small

We say small company, small (lowly level jobs), and small in size.

We are only small when the attitude is small. We must adopt the attitude of the mantis shrimp. This creature can do what the big creatures fail to do.

Think of strengthening the value of what you do no matter how small it may appear. Stretch the value of the job, open your eyes to the importance of the job you do, and make it burst with power.

Do not say I am a cleaner and stop. You are the one who keeps the place clean and free from germs and molds. This means healthier people who can produce more. Because they produce, the more the company makes a profit. This should fill you with deserved pride.

Think of the strength you can add to what you do so that the job may reduce the surrounding pressures of people ignorantly playing down your job.

Do not say we are a small company. Think of the possibilities your company can create that big companies cannot do.

Free your attitude from negativity and the world of possibilities opens for you.


Ali Anani
Ali Anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.

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  1. Inspiration hard to match, words supported by a beautiful, live example, and the artistic presentation of one of the most powerful messages, you have done it all in this precise essay, Dear Ali Anani; Congrats!

    I must apologize for my continued absence from this elite group over the longest periods of time. Hopefully, this hiatus shall come to a close in not too distant a future, and then we shall be able to engage more frequently.

    With Thanks, Warm Regards, and a Prayer

    • I am moved by your unlimited appreciation and gesture dear Bharat Mathur. I feel the warmth of your words and fail to thank you enough.
      I am so glad that the postresonated with you.

      I do look forward for reading and exchanging our thoughts and experiences between us.

      Thank You.

  2. What an emphatic metaphor portrayed by Ali Anani! The universe is a fabulous workshop. Every creature is designed with due thought to serve a purpose. The clawing power of the Mantis shrimp creates a super hot sun-like temperature! Such power vested in the tiniest of claws is awe striking! Key lesson drawn here: Small is powerful and pragmatic. To grow big, one should start small.

  3. “Do not say we are a small company. Think of the possibilities your company can create that big companies cannot do” It is like you are saying this directly to me Ali! One of the things I’ve struggled the most in my professional life….leading a small company in the sea of Telecommunications Giants. However, and without being to aware of it, my alter ego may very well be the “mantis shrimp”!. After 25 years, working with positivity and resilience, in an industry filled with (male) Giants, I finally might be starting to feel the power of having focused on creating doubly-edged opportunity. 😉

    • You are perssitent Leticia and you chose a field that is full of challnges. Telecommunication was transforming 25 years ago and yet you ventured.

      I am so glad that after all these years you put your hand on doubly-edged opportunity.
      I am so happy to know also that the post speaks to you and your heart. We belong to the same club.