How To Be a Catalyst for Change and Help Provide Jobs to Persons with Disabilities

Australia has an untapped workforce with a diverse range of skills and talents. Have you ever considered employing people from the disability sector to meet your business needs? Smart employers recruit and welcome talent from anywhere.

The Disability Employment Services (DES) initiative gives an opportunity to people living with disability, injury, or health conditions to contribute to the economic development of the country. People with disabilities want to show that they can perform a job just as well if given a chance. This chance not only changes their life but also makes good business sense due to the unique benefits people with disabilities bring to a job.

Good for business

People with disabilities placed in the right kind of jobs show a high degree of dedication and commitment to their role. They bring a lot of added benefits to the business.

They value their jobs a lot and come across as some of the most reliable employees with a higher retention rate. Their productivity is at par with all other employees provided they are matched with the right kind of jobs.

More than anything, employing people with disabilities contributes to diversity within the business and boosts brand value in the community. They also bring valuable goodwill.

Help provide jobs to persons with disabilities

Many people with disabilities have various tertiary and trade qualifications. From managerial positions to customer service, manual, and even technical jobs, they can be found gainfully employed across various sectors.

The key point is to get the right job for that person. The DES has several providers under it working towards this goal so that a person with disabilities can:

·       profitably use their abilities and skills,

·       work towards their own goals,

·       live confidently and respectably.

Just as hiring the right talent isn’t easy, in the same way, securing the right disability jobs may not be straightforward. It requires a very focussed approach to meet the individual strengths and employment goals.

atWork Australia offers Disability Employment Services that match employers with the right recruits. We have helped people with disabilities take up fulfilling positions in industries ranging from healthcare and hospitality to aged care, retail, and manufacturing. It is not just about matching a person to a job role, we make sure that they possess the right attitude, skills, and abilities for that position.

People living with a disability may experience that it is impacting their area of skill. We assist them to overcome it and begin their employment journey confidently. We work as job coaches to help them skill up and ace interviews. We provide health and well-being coaching to address workplace adjustments, provide post-placement support to help the transformation.

From training to technological aids, financial assistance, and workplace assessments, we help to set the course for a successful professional future.

Be a catalyst for change

Disability jobs have certain presuppositions in the form of approach and attitude. For instance, providers have to take into account individual situations and focus on understanding the particular needs and strengths of that individual. They then have to set employment goals that are best for the candidate.

Providing jobs to people with disabilities is often fraught with uncertainties and a lot of questions. DES providers can remedy this with various support functions for employers. They provide advice and assistance to access financial support for any kind of assistive technology or workplace modifications, wage subsidies, and awareness training and workshops.

atWork Australia can help you become a catalyst for change and help provide jobs to persons with disabilities. Let us help you access a broader pool of talented candidates.

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