How to Achieve a High Performance in Life and Professionally

by Izabela Lundberg, Featured Contributor

HIGH PERFORMANCE is a big buzzword that can be used or interpreted in many different ways. In my mind, high performance is all about personal and professional development while focusing on goals and key objectives in order to achieve exceptional results.

Today, in our ever-changing environment coupled with high pressure and expectations, high or low levels of performance affect us personally and/or professionally more than we may want to admit. I was always A team of people lift the words Reach Higher to symbolize encourwondering: What makes us low or high performers? Is it energy, passion, drive, motivation, focus, or desire? Or is it something else?

This topic is very close to home for me. It took me many years to understand fully that managing energy is the key to sustaining high performance!

“To be fully engaged in our lives, we must be physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and spiritually aligned with a purpose beyond our immediate self-interest.”

~ Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, The Power of Full Engagement

This was a huge aha moment for me that opened many new possibilities to explore and learn. But how did I accomplish that?

As Bob Forshay shared in his endorsement on LinkedIn “Izabela is that kind of person who the Eveready battery bunny was modeled after.”I started to think about what I do on a daily basis to have this perceived “endless” energy and how this energy is helping me to live a more purposeful life.

I learned over time that firing that internal energy and charge within me should not be suppressed; instead, it needs to be properly managed. Thank you to all my wonderful mentors! By not only harnessing, but also managing my high energy and drive, I was able to utilize this internal energy source to stay focused and accomplish much quicker, more desirable results.

You must be wondering by now how to obtain this energy naturally in the first place. By feeling:

  1. Emotionally connected – Through passionate living and positive thinking! It takes time to build these muscles, similar to physical ones, over time and with consistent practice. By controlling and effectively managing our emotions, especially negative ones, it will help us to be more successful and achieve greater results faster.
  2. Mentally focused – By being present 100% in everything you do! No more multitasking, especially when you are listening or talking to people. You are doing a disservice to yourself and everyone else. Further, it is essential to allocate time to think and process information, which often happens to me while walking and breathing fresh air, on breaks between meetings, or during exercise.
  3. Physically energized – Naturally of course! This can’t be sustainable and attainable without proper nutrition, rest and exercise every single day. Regardless if you are a professional athlete or a business executive, it is essential to take care of your body to stay fit and healthy as long as you can. Proper nutrition and high water intake are essential to obtain and sustain an energized body.
  4. Spiritually aligned – With your purpose, passion and values! If we are aligned with our core values, such as integrity and respect first for ourselves and then others, it quickly reflects in everything we do. As a result, we can build exceptional connections and trust with others rather quickly while providing tremendous value and outcome.

Learn… Lead… Love…

Game on!!!


Izabela Lundberg
Izabela Lundberg
As a passionate advocate of lifelong learning and thought leadership, Izabela proudly prides herself and ethically serves as a transformational leader delivering global business advisory, coaching, strategy through leadership and organizational development, and innovative learning High-Performance Impact Method™ framework at Legacy Leaders Institute. By aligning and supporting business growth objectives, she works side by side with executive leaders from Startups to Fortune 500 companies. For more than two decades, Izabela demonstrated a unique ability to identify, create, and deliver solutions to complex global business challenges with her unique perspective. As a result, she successfully increased talent and team engagement, performance, revenues, and overall organizational impact in dozens of selected companies. Today, Izabela helps talent and teams come together to accomplish more than ever before with her progressive solutions and worldview (living in six countries, speaking six languages, traveling to over 45 countries, and working with diverse teams from over 100 countries). Besides, Izabela earned a Master of Science in Leadership and Organization from the University of Denver with a focus on Strategic Innovation & Change and Organizational Development & Training. She is #1 International Best Selling author and her book, The World Messenger, that is highly respected by academics, athletes, and business leaders worldwide. To receive a signed copy, go to right NOW! Need to speak with Izabela right of way? Follow & Connect with Izabela on LinkedIn and email her at [email protected]. Game On, Champions!

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  1. Energy… Positivity… Interest… Passion… Focus. Always looking for the best in people and situations… rain or shine, cheerfully raising positive enthusiasm… The body that goes hand in hand with the mind… into a non-stop whirlwind of enthusiasm and vital force… It’s something that cannot be expressed. One does have to prove it to understand it. You have written in my view a lovely and genuinely meaningful article ! What you have written is the engine behind the success. No matter what you do. Thank you Izabela !

    • Thank you very much for sharing your perspective and insides! As a writer, it is essential in my humble opinion to write about something that is genuine, meaningful and hopefully inspiring to others based on our own experiences. Game on Massimo!