How the Latest App Innovations Can Help Your Healthcare Business

The healthcare industry has rapidly evolved since the advent of smartphones. As more patients and customers adopted mobile phones, providers saw an opportunity for new, improved channels of communication.

But smartphones allow more than just a streamlined system of communication. Mobile app innovations can affect all levels and facets of the healthcare experience. They can help caregivers improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce administrative errors in their record-taking. Apps can assist patients in tracking their personal health data, making appointments or planning their prescriptions. And, overall, they allow healthcare verticals of all types to provide better, more attentive, more compassionate service.

If you run a healthcare business, consider what app innovations can do for you. Talk to expert app developers like TheAppLabb about building out a new mobile application that takes advantage of the benefits listed below.

Improving the Patient Experience

The most common complaints you hear about the healthcare experience are:

  1. that processes take too long, and
  2. that processes are challenging to navigate.

No one likes waiting in a clinic waiting room for two hours to see a doctor, nor do they appreciate mulling around a pharmacy waiting for a prescription. And patients are known to put off booking appointments because website forms are confusing and/or receptionist hours are inconvenient.

In short: the easier and faster you can make the healthcare experience, the more likely you will attract patients and customers. A great mobile app can help you improve the patient experience by connecting patients to on-demand practitioners, enabling in-app appointment bookings, facilitating prescription delivery/pick-up, and integrating telehealth solutions.

Streamlining Diagnoses

Diagnoses have traditionally constituted a time-consuming, potentially error-prone part of a medical providers’ daily schedule. You want to provide attentive, caring service to every patient, but there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Luckily, mobile apps can streamline health diagnoses as well. Talk to app experts about integrating health chatbots, for instance – AI-powered bots that simulate real conversations with your patients. The AI can identify patterns in patient symptoms and recommend appropriate courses of action.

Refining Health Management

Your app can be a hub of health-related activity for users, a one-stop experience where they can view their medications, monitor their diet and activity, access their health logs and view data from their IoT-enabled medical equipment.

By improving your mobile application to prioritize user experience and convenience, your business sends a clear message about what it values: transparency, accessibility and customer satisfaction.

Looking Toward the Future

Beyond integrating AI chatbots and IoT-enabled monitoring, you can also look toward improving internal and patient-facing experiences through virtual and augmented reality (AR and VR).

AR and VR allow you to create immersive therapy treatments, rehabilitation regimens, addiction counselling sessions, and more. And internally, you can use them to rehearse surgeries, visualize bodily processes, and run other training exercises.

Your organization’s app can be much more than just a few pages of information and a form. You can add value through emerging technologies, superior UX design and creative healthcare solutions. As the healthcare industry evolves, continue to evolve with it – or ahead of it – by teaming with knowledgeable app experts to build out a value-driven mobile app.

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