How Robots Provide Assistance to Travellers

The incorporation of robots in the service industry has proved to be a huge success so far, and that is why automation is being adopted in so many other sectors as well. One such example is the travel sector which has seen quite a number of improvements with the introduction of robots into the day to day work routine.

The last-minute rush

No one likes to deal with long queues, and that is why most people prefer to book their tickets early in advance when they can. However, sometimes it happens that an abrupt trip comes up and there is really no option but to try and get a ticket last minute. The problem with the last-minute rush is that there are usually a lot of people sometimes and getting a ticket may not even be guaranteed.

The last-minute rush is especially common during the holidays because so many people usually travel during that time either to get home to their families or to go on vacation and even to leave school for Christmas break.

Customer attendance

Automation may, however, be able to remedy this problem. It may not completely go away, but using robots may actually help the situation to improve. A robot such as the small industrial robot may not be of any assistance, but collaborative robots are sure to do the trick. For example, instead of going to the counter to do all the booking, a person would just need to walk up to the robot and get everything processed. That way everything moves along much faster and without a lot of commotion.

Robots can also be good at attending to customers while they wait, and get done with the initial process while in the waiting area. That way, even as the person waits, no time is wasted because they at least get something done. An example of such a robot is the SnatchBot Booking Travel Template, which helps customers by guiding them through the booking process.

A chatbot as a travel agent

Chatbots are great because they interact with people and help them to get what they want, and that is why they act as good travel agents. They can help you get great deals when you travel and even help you book your hotel room. With this kind of robot helping you, you would not have to worry about paying extra costs for the travel agent or even dealing with people who may not have your best interest at heart but instead aim at finding the easiest way to make money.

Robotic help

Robots can also come in handy in hotels when it comes to assisting customers and providing room service. Robots are now very developed and can be able to complete cognitive functions. This is all made possible by artificial intelligence which gives the robots the ability to act like intelligent creatures, so they can make decisions and act in a human-like manner.

Robots also have sensors which help them to be able to manoeuvre without bumping into other objects or people and therefore causing harm to themselves or other things. Some have also been embedded with GPS trackers with help them to know exactly where they are going to.

All this makes the robots suitable enough to carry out day to day hotel activities such as carrying luggage to visitors to their rooms as well as providing room service to them. When you think about it, robots would be really pleasant to deal with because they would be able to do their tasks perfectly without being forgetful or being discriminative. They would not even require to get tipped.


Automation has provided a huge relief for both the travellers as well as the travel companies and agencies, as it makes all travelling processes much easier than before when automation did not exist. There are so many ways in which travellers can be able to benefit from the assistance of robots, and perhaps this may help in boosting various industries that depend on travellers.


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