How Relationships Are Formed

Relationships are vital in society. It is the reason behind the existence of things and life itself. The world is the way it is because of the relationship that exists between man and God. For a society to thrive and be prosperous, there must be a relationship between people and it must be healthy. Many people do talk about impacting others but do you know that you must first of all form a relationship with those people before you can impact them?

Many people have failed to understand that the quality of their lives depends on the relationships they’ve formed.

When you see people living a good and healthy life it is because of the relationships they’ve formed. No man is an island. If you say you’ll live an isolated life then you aren’t ready to achieve anything worthwhile. Many people have failed to understand that the quality of their lives depends on the relationships they’ve formed. When these words sink deep into your mind and you decide to change and apply the wisdom, you’ll see your life being transformed. It becomes your biggest asset which no one can take away from you unless you let it go. One of the biggest investments you could ever make apart from the investment in your self-development is in relationships. It becomes your shield in times of adversity and a ladder that would help you reach the top. Do you know that your level of income is in equal proportion to the relationships you’ve formed? After learning about the significance of relationships let’s see how they are formed.

  • Relationships are formed based on giving: The moment you have a taker’s mentality then you are not ready to form relationships. Don’t focus on what you’ll get from people but on how you can add value to their lives that’s how relationships are formed. Giving entails filling a vacuum in a person’s life and not only that but also making a difference between the yesterday and today of the person’s life. Giving requires you to be selfless in your dealings with people, not the other way around. 
  • Relationships are formed when there is trust and appreciation: Trust isn’t something that you’re given freely but you’ve to earn it through hard work. You have to show your vulnerability for people to know that you’re not perfect but human just like them. That’s how you earn trust. A husband and a wife are staying together because there is trust between them that’s how they form their relationship. Appreciation is also vital because when someone feels appreciated, the person will be motivated to do more things that would add value to your life.
  • Relationships are formed when there is honesty and respect: They’re the pillars of relationships. The moment you respect someone the person feels valued in your life and that will trigger the person to form a bond with you. No one wants to be in a place where they aren’t valued because it is detrimental to their mental health and you only add value when you’re valued. Honesty is the state of being straightforward with people. It is not easy to be honest but it helps in building relationships.
  • Relationships are formed when there is communication: The thing is that when there is no communication then there is no relationship. Before you add value to a person’s life then there must be communication between you two. It is the medium through which you get to exchange information that would be valuable to your lives. Distance doesn’t matter when there is communication. Leaders and business people don’t usually meet face to face but they communicate with their partners who are far away from them to see how their business would thrive. Even with your family, loved ones, colleagues in the workplace, and family there must be communication for you to form a bond with them.
  • Relationships are formed when there is patience: Patience is the revealer of things. That’s when you get to understand the other person. You get to know the likes, dislikes, and values of the person through patience. When you don’t possess patience then you won’t be able to form relationships because it is a journey that takes time especially those that are worthwhile and lasts a lifetime. 

Do let me know what has helped you form relationships.


Precious Mumzumi
Precious Mumzumi
My name is Precious Luther Mumzumi. I am a personal development coach, someone who is passionate about leadership, at the same time an inspirational writer. My passion for sharing my knowledge and wisdom with the world led me to author the book "Precious Insights". I am someone who enjoys reading, writing, teaching, spending my time alone, and also engaging myself in intellectual talks. As a futuristic person, solving global issues has always been my passion. Spending time studying and trying to proffer a solution gives me joy and I can even lose track of time so far I am on my accomplishment track. "Thinking," they say is one of the hardest tasks in the world but I prefer it to physical exercises. Mental actions such as meditation, and critical thinking are my calming and exciting moments. I love to visualize and imagine what the future would look like and that tickles my creativity. Precious is an ardent believer in investment in personal development because it births great achievements. You have to develop yourself first before you think of developing other people and society at large. Out of my inquisitiveness and firm belief, I idolize reading books that deal with self-development, psychology, leadership, and politics for my growth and valuable impact on society. When I was the deputy head prefect back in my secondary school I was awarded the best prefect of the year because of my hard work and dedication to societal development. Some of my core values are hard work, integrity, and discipline. I make sure I use my skills of writing, teaching, and leadership to impact and inspire society. I currently live in Nigeria, Adamawa State and I am available for writing, teaching, and coaching.

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    • I’m glad my message resonates resonates with you. Relationships are great because it is a social currency which would land you opportunities.