How Outplacement Services Help with Recruitment

When you think about ways to recruit new talent to your company, outplacement services are probably one of the last things to come to mind. But how you treat employees on their way out says a lot about how you treat them during their period of employment. And offering outplacement assistance shows a level of respect for your employees’ needs and a commitment to their development that appeals to strong candidates.

It’s not just that helping your former employees transition into new roles makes you look good. It also contributes to a stronger company culture and greater engagement among those who remain. All things considered, offering outplacement services as part of a comprehensive severance package can do a lot to soften the blow of being laid off, and it can help those who remain with the company feel more secure about their own future employment prospects.

Everyone Wants Job Stability

The days of spending your whole career at one company are definitely past, but that doesn’t mean that most people are comfortable thinking that their job — and the financial stability it affords them — could be at risk. Everyone wants job stability, even if that means the not-quite stability of a smooth transition to a new position, should they lose the one they have.

Knowing that outplacement services are an option in the event of a layoff can ease some of the stress of mass layoffs, and help keep peoples’ chins up when the longevity of their jobs is uncertain and workloads might be increasing. When they know that you will help them with career coaching, job opportunities, and resume help in addition to a cash severance payment, they can feel secure enough to stay engaged with their work and be productive, no matter what is going on in terms of company downsizing.

Most outplacement services providers have programs to support not just those who are being asked to leave the company, but those who are remaining behind. The managers who have to do the firing and the remaining colleagues who have to say goodbye can benefit from resiliency training, for example. This can help keep your remaining employees happy to stay with the company, reduce turnover, and keep your reputation strong in the eyes of potential new job candidates.

Top Talent Wants Top Treatment

The best job candidates know that they can afford to be a little choosy when it comes to which company they’ll work for, and they place a lot of weight on a company’s values and how committed they are to fostering employees’ growth. You need to communicate an appealing value proposition to top candidates in order to win their approbation. The outplacement benefits you offer can be a part of that, because it shows that you remain committed to fostering employee development even after they leave the company.

And talented people aren’t wrong to think that outplacement assistance can help them develop new job skills and advance in their careers. Mid- and late-career professionals who prefer to be upwardly-mobile and snag increases in salary or position can benefit from focused help with the job search, and most laid-off employees can benefit from interview coaching, skills training, resiliency training, or resume help. All of these benefits help employees move on quickly, settle into the right new roles for them, and leave your company feeling positive about both their tenure with the organization and how it ended.

Happy Former Employees Don’t Cause Trouble

Most former employees aren’t going to be much trouble, of course, but leaving your employees to muddle through the job search alone, especially if they’ve been out of the job market for some time, is a recipe for, at the very least, bad reviews and negative social media posts online. Leaving employees feeling resentful after a layoff can contribute to some seeking legal damages, and while that’s a concern, it also doesn’t do to underestimate the harm that can be done by bad reviews and negative online buzz.

A strong severance package with outplacement assistance can ease some of the hurt feelings, as well as smooth over some of the job search logistics that can also cause stress and resentment. When most of your former employees are able to quickly move on into new employment, you’ll be less vulnerable because you won’t be leaving a stream of aggrieved people in your wake.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your brand strong and remain competitive among the top candidates, make sure you’re offering outplacement assistance. It’s good for everyone.

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