How Does White Label Digital Marketing Work?

With the explosion of popularity and necessity of digital marketing, it is no wonder that this industry is adopting white labeling processes.  Digital white labeling is different from product white labeling in that it is a service rather than a physical product. With digital white labeling, a customer purchases marketing services under a brand name, but another company supplies the service.

Project Management System

While another company handling your clients may be scary at first, being transparent is key to making you more comfortable.  Many companies that provide white label services offer you access to their project planning software like Salesforce or Asana.  This way, you are always up to date on what is going on with that particular client.  You are able in real-time to make sure things are progressing the way you hoped and tackle any potential problems or issues before they arise.

Invoicing and Reports   

When talking to clients, the white label digital marketing agency will always report under your business name.  In addition, weekly and monthly reports that are generated for them will also be marketed under your company and feature your logos and addresses.  If clients need to call in, they can schedule meetings through go2meeting, WebEx, or something similar so that the phone number is masked.  If you are dealing with a higher volume of callers, you can establish an 800 number that is specifically for services. This way, you don’t have to deal with setting a ton of conference calls.  This will also remove a layer and make clients have easier access to information.

Free Time

Using white label services for your digital marketing firm will help to free up time for you and your coworkers to focus on other things.  When you free up this time, you can focus on the things that you do well without draining yourself on something someone does better.  By spending your time on your areas of opportunity, you are helping your business grow and thrive.  Not to mention the extra time you can have to spend on yourself relaxing and rejuvenating.

Growing Your Business

If scaling your business is something you have in your business plan, and if it’s not, it should be, then the white label can be a huge help.  By using other agencies to help outsource areas of your business means that you have to hire fewer people. You are taking advantage of someone else’s structure and client managers, which makes it easy to grow your business even beyond your plans with minimal risk and investment.

When running a digital marketing agency, exploring all the possibilities of white-label, digital marketing is a good idea.  It is nearly impossible to scale your business if you are a smaller firm. You are limited to the number of clients that you can handle.  White label affords you the opportunity for exponential growth by using that companies’ internal structure and support to deliver exceptional results to your clients.

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