Have You Heard of IGTV?

If you’ve logged into Instagram recently, you will probably have noticed some new buttons and notifications. A big orange tv button next to where you get your DMs and orange notifications telling you so-and-so just posted a video to IGTV.
IGTV, which is short for Instagram Television, was released to all Instagram users last week. In this new feature, users can upload longer form videos (between 15 seconds and 10 minutes) to the platform. In this video I’ll explain how the platform works and where it fits into the bigger IG landscape!

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Denise Alison
DENISE Alison, Founder and CEO of Stratigro, is a Live Video Expert and a social media marketing specialist. Stratigro offers 1:1 coaching and small group training to entrepreneurs, professionals, and personal brands who want to grow their visibility through social media and live video. Denise is also the creator and host of The Art of Online Marketing Live Show, a weekly show that provides social media tips and strategies to help businesses grow with social media! Although she is based in rural Nova Scotia, Denise has had the privilege to work with clients across North America to teach them how to leverage social media to increase their online presence, grow their audience, and ultimately, grow their business.
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