How Do You Start Your Day?

Are you being loving to you? Do you take time for you? Or do you grab a coffee and hit Facebook? It’s okay sometimes I succumb. I open the phone and something pops up and I am down the rabbit hole! I was asked the other day how I started my day.

This was what I shared:

  1. First I check in, while still in bed with my joy level for the day – today it was 82
  2. Then I get up and at the moment I oil pull
  3. Make hot lemon for Des and I , plus a turmeric drink and lemon for – me building my auto immune system after 2 viruses this year.
  4. The I draw a Heart Whisper oracle card – sometime 3 as I did today
  5. I then journal on the cards and allow my heart whispers to guide me
  6. Meditation time and prayers.
  7. Then sometimes I paint as I did today completing a client’s heartscape or read
  8. Beach for a 30-40 minute walk and swim in the sea
  9. Then my back exercises and 3 days a week I do aquarobic back exercises either in the sea if the tide is high enough or the pool

This centres and grounds me.

Yes, it does mean I start my day by loving me. This was a practice I started on many years ago and really expanded on as part of my self-love healing journey. The odd day I miss I do notice a difference and I am not grounded, especially if I open my computer or phone before my spiritual time. My loving me time. The oracle card I draw usually is reflective of what is going on for me. I had woken today in joy and feeling on purpose when I drew the happiness card the title for this post came to me. It was this card that sparked a joyful happy state as I began my day and was reinforced as the day began. The video ( 3 minutes) shares this with you at my happy place.

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Suzie Cheel
Suzie Cheel is the Abundance Queen. Artist, Healer, Intuitive Transformational Leader and Heart-Centered Entrepreneur. Suzie is passionate about empowering lightworkers, creatives and heart-centered entrepreneurs shine their light, step into leadership by being true to themselves, opening their hearts to love and creating wealth in all areas of their lives. Then they can leave legacies of love that create true freedom and peace in the world. Suzie is the creator of the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards that were born out of her own healing journey and help people learn each day to truly love themselves. Find out more at


  1. Very helpful suggestions, Suzie. I can see where starting a day by extending love to yourself would set a good tone for the what’s to follow. I do a little of this every morning in my meditation time.

    • Thank you Sandra, Not any more as the days I do this my day seems to be more in flow. Funny the new business Des and i are doing has you spending more time on you. I have let go of the pool exercises now, so that takes 20 mins off :)

  2. I admire the way you have handled challenging situations through finding your routines. It’s not easy to identify when you are missing self-love, and even when you do, building it up takes time. Hats off for your progress :) !!