How Do You Resolve the Dynamics of Group Decisions?

Groups are a powerful force. This force goes well beyond the strength of cognitive thought and rational processes. Groups form with a shared vision and gain momentum through shared experiences which freeze energy in shared memories and beliefs. When triggered, irrational emotions override rational thoughts and these reactions derail results. Individuals in the group believe they are operating rationally and are blinded by the group norms that become repetitive patterns. To those observing from outside the boundaries, there is difficulty in understanding the actions and the subsequent reactions can strengthen the field.

Words have a remarkable power to freeze the energy of the group into reactive behaviours. Words also have the power to shift the perceptions that trigger these reactions to dissolve the field. When we learn to connect to our Essence through prayer and faith, we find inner strength and purpose. In a global environment, with a multitude of age-old and new wave religions that are held together by group norms, it can be challenging to move beyond the frozen patterns of the institutions to make this inner connection.

And here is where I have noted something interesting. As a child, I had two uncles who were priests in Africa and Europe. Their visits with my family in Canada were special as both card games and conversations took on new meaning. What do I remember from their wise words today? My takeaways were to always challenge my beliefs and that religion needs to change with the times. I sense that this remained relatively dormant until I met a cousin, Willem Lammers, who reminded me of these two uncles – in voice, in appearance and perhaps most importantly, a deep intellect. Perhaps without this connection, I would not have listened but as my curiosity sparked, I began to more fully comprehend the wisdom. There is frozen energy in beliefs and religions. When we learn to dissolve what is frozen, it becomes easier to connect with the underlying truth.

Willem developed Logosynthesis as a model for healing and development. It offers a transformative tool to resolve the perceptions that trigger our distress. So what? These perceptions are energetic and can be located in our personal space. When triggered, emotional responses override our rational thought processes. The influence is both in the field of the individual and the field of the group. For example, an authoritative leader may trigger the perception of an authoritative father to whom you must listen and obey. This can be activated in both the field of the individual’s family and in a larger field of a patriarchal society. The matrix is activated and we obey.

At times of intense pressure, the force intensifies. It can feel dangerous to be expelled from this field. We rely on our ability to find calm and connect with our inner voice, such as through our faith and prayer. Logosynthesis offers an effective model to target the presenting issue and create space for better choices. When we learn to embrace that we are Essence and that words have the power to change energetic fields, the work is surprisingly fast and easy. When we go alone, we risk expulsion. When we go together, we can shift the field from feeling hostile to support. It results in a sense of safety, purpose and compassion.

Logosynthesis®, developed by Dr. Willem Lammers, is a model for self-coaching and guided change based on the power of words and sentences to change energy fields. Among an international group of professional coaches, counsellors, and therapists trained in the method, it is highly preferred for professional self-care and for working with clients. The technique is used to quickly relieve feelings of distress. The model offers so much more.

I share my introduction to Willem’s work in Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully. Opt-in to listen to a free Hay House Radio Interview as I provide an overview of the book.


Cathy Caswell
Cathy Caswell
CATHY guides people to reduce stress, unlock their potential and enjoy life more fully using Logosynthesis. As a dietitian with an MBA, she enjoyed a corporate career in the food industry in production, marketing, and sales. She knows firsthand the benefits of being able to get unstuck from reactive patterns that negatively impact work, health, wealth, and relationships. As a Coach and President of The Healthy Living Plan Inc. and a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis®, she is committed to supporting leaders at all levels. Through online 1-1 coaching and now app-based remote coaching using the Essence Unlock Potential app, Cathy supports people to routinely use this healthy lifestyle practice to achieve their goals. Cathy is the author of Logosynthesis®: Enjoying Life More Fully and Thriving In Our Times: From Reactions To Action Using Logosynthesis®. 

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    • Thank you! The richness of the Logosynthesis® model certainly supports application in everyday life to gain clarity and insight into larger issues. It is truly a transformational approach.