How Do You Hire Your Tools?

Small businesses spent over $1 trillion on the software, tools and other solutions required to develop their companies in 2018. Staying up-to-date with the current technology is not a vanity point. It’s a matter of survival. Tech tools can’t remain an afterthought. They have to be carefully sourced, recruited and integrated to the company processes with the same level of care the business dedicates to finding its talent. Indeed, making technology an integral part of the team shifts the consideration of software and tech solutions investment into a different budget category. It’s about team optimization. Ultimately, if your tools are designed to be used by the team and improve the overall productivity, you need to think of them in terms of job candidates.

The tools of the future are part of your team

Finding the talent your team needs to grow and become more productive is the challenge of recruitment. Thankfully, there are many strategies available to businesses to identify the right candidate for the company. While it’s fair to say that you can’t promote your tool vacancy on a job board to attract resumes, you can still apply some of the recruitment tips to your tool search. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for companies to organize pre-employment testing for their candidates. More often than not you can trial some tools before purchase, checking that they match your requirements, in a similar way to candidate testing. The preliminary interview to gauge candidates can also be applied to your tools, as you trying to find out how it works and whether it’s suitable for your company.

A quick-thinking expert

As a company, you outline your expectations for your candidates. When hiring an expert, you want their knowledge to make a significant difference in everyday activities, such as preventing mistakes and improving project delivery. Your tools need to show similar benefits. You want your tech solution to provide not only rapid results but to enhance the workflow of activities too, such as using a comprehensive inventory solution like this pharmacy inventory system that keeps track of your stock and can organize purchases in real time. Ultimately, your choice of technology needs to streamline existing processes to boost your results.

A team player

Most job specs describe their ideal candidate as being a team player, aka someone who can not only integrate into the team structure but also collaborate. Your tools need to fulfill the same functions in the team. It should encourage collaborative behavior, which at a tech level refers to user-friendliness. Indeed, solutions that are easy to use and understand such as modern business intelligence dashboards can support the team’s progress smoothly. A tool that is intuitive and simple while delivering intelligent insight is the perfect team player.

Positive ROI

Last, but not least, you’ve hired the right candidate when they have a positive ROI, whether you measure it in terms of team productivity, sale increase or even client acquisition. You need to apply the same logic to your tech solutions. If after the learning and integration phase, they create a high return, then you’ve made the right choice!

In short, there’s one question left for you to answer: How do you hire your business tools?

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  1. This is a terrific article and a perfect analogy to remind business folks that everything that has a cost has to be carefully vetted and monitored, and should be retrospectively evaluated to see if it did what it was supposed to do. I’ve just never seen that happen.