Your professional life is not just about building dollars on top of dollars on top of dollars. It consumes one-third of your waking life as an adult if you let it, but defines a big part of who you are if you utilize it; work gives you the opportunity to explore ideas in a business context that may have a positive influence on your community and society as a whole, while equipping you with skills you find yourself using in surprising ways in your personal life.

But unfortunately, too many people either put making a buck above caring for the common good; they put their own advancement over the feelings and needs of their professional community; or they allow their personal frustrations to corrupt their interpersonal manner, leading them to bully, lie, steal, and more. And when such an attitude becomes prevalent at a workplace, it can damage the mental and physical health of the others who work there. We call this a toxic work environment, and if you find yourself trapped in one then the sooner you can learn to cope with it, the better your chances of coming out stronger, kinder, more creative, happier.

The folks at have identified a number of steps you can take to start redressing the balance in your toxic workplace: try working through these positive ideas to get back on track of your career and your life.

How to deal with a toxic work environment

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