How Do You Effectively Advertise Your Services To Customers?

In today’s marketplace, it is harder than ever for businesses to advertise their products and services in a way that stands out against their competitors.

If your advertising techniques have become stale and are no longer as successful as you’d like them to be, consider the below tips and your business will thrive.

Promote your services

The first point is simple: promote your services far and wide. Use all of the best marketing practices to ensure your service is promoted across multiple channels and formats (online and offline) effectively, and that your brand stays top-of-mind.

Create and then implement a strong digital marketing strategy, utilizing paid Facebook ads, social media ads and remarketing. The place where your audience is most active (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), is where you should shout about your services the loudest.

Facebook paid ad campaigns can show high returns for just a small investment, and if you use them well – creating a designated landing page to go hand-in-hand with the ad, using high-quality images, and writing engaging social sells and CTAs – there is no limit to how successful they can be.

You may also use more creative ways to promote your products. For example, you may go on a podcast that is popular within your business niche and talk about your service. Additionally, you can create a video series that showcases your service in action, which you can then publish on YouTube and share across your social media channels. Alternatively, if your business is targeting local audiences, you can engage in traditional marketing tactics such as holding local events, putting up banners and posters, and trying a knock-on-door approach.

Educate your audience

Sometimes, in order to effectively sell a product or service, you must educate your prospective buyers. They may not know that what you are offering to them is what they need; they may not even have basic knowledge about your service and the benefits it can have on their life.

This is where content marketing really comes into play: by creating a well-researched, clear-to-read, informative and engaging article that you can publish on your website and share across your social media channels, you will gain your customers’ trust and attract wider audiences. (Note: to adhere to Google’s latest algorithms and SEO best practices, make your content 2000 words and above, and regularly optimize it with fresh content, media, and links.)

For example, you may be an early years daycare center that has an incredible music therapy program for children. However, if your target audience doesn’t know the first thing about music therapy, the importance of it will be lost on them. Therefore, you should create an ultimate guide that tells covers these things:

  • What music therapy is;
  • How music therapy is used;
  • Who can benefit from music therapy?
  • Music therapy and children – what’s the deal?
  • How music therapy can benefit a child on the whole (i.e. their mental and physical wellbeing and enhanced school readiness);
  • Why all children need to be exposed to music therapy.

Once you have clearly laid out everything a parent would need to know about music therapy, and the advantages it can have on their children, you can then dive into telling them why your music therapy program is better than any others.

By educating your audience, you are giving them the information they need to take the action you want them to take. In this instance, this action is to get the parent to enroll their child in your daycare center.

Another example is if you are a business within the health and beauty marketplace, and have just released a new product that contains a certain ingredient that can reverse premature ageing. To you, the business – who has completed an immense amount of research on this “miracle” ingredient and therefore know all about it and what it does – you might not realize the importance of explaining about it in-depth. However, to the customer who has perhaps never heard of the ingredient, they may see it as complete jargon. Therefore your marketing is unrelatable and ineffective.

So, to avoid this you should make it your mission to educate your customers in every way possible about these things:

  • What the ingredient is;
  • Where the ingredient derives from;
  • Where else the ingredient is found (in food, etc.);
  • The benefits of the ingredient on the skin and its anti-aging properties;
  • Why everyone should incorporate this ingredient into their skincare regime.

Depending on your brand and your audience, you may choose to harness certain media formats to communicate these points. If you have a younger audience, i.e. millennials or Gen Zs – chances are they’re on Instagram. So, create a mini-marketing Instagram series using images, videos, galleries, and Instagram stories to talk about the ingredient and show it in action. Your brand will gain traction and awareness, and simultaneously you will gain the trust and intrigue from your audience. The result: a boost in revenue.

Leverage online influencers and industry experts

Today is the age of the online influencer, and although this prospect may make you squirm, you should see it as a valuable marketing opportunity. Millennia’s and Gen Zs make up the largest demographic of social media users, and they are known to respond well to products and services when they are endorsed by an online personality that they follow and trust.

Essentially, by working with an influencer you are given access to their followers, which basically means tens of thousands of prospective leads. So, by leveraging this tactic for your own brand you can increase your brand awareness, website traffic, product circulation, and see a surge in revenue.

On the other hand, if your business is in a niche that doesn’t rely so heavily on social media, you may not deem it necessary to work with online influencers. However, there is still a great reward from getting the support from high profile people and leveraging their popularity. This could simply mean getting an endorsement from an expert in your particular industry niche or getting them to come to/speak at one of your networking events. The more your business is associated with the best in the business, the more people will take notice of you and your services.


If you take note of these smart tips – promoting your business in myriad ways and across multiple channels; educating your audience, and leveraging high profile individuals – your advertising endeavours will pay off and your target audience will respond more positively to your services and your products. Good luck!


Craig Evans
Craig Evans
I am a finance fanatic and tech junkie based in Sydney, Australia. I like to impart my knowledge and share insights on the latest business industry news, marketing and leadership tips.

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