How Do You Discover Your Purpose?

Stepping outside the drama:

Be the observer. Step out of your own head, your everyday life, and take a critical look at what is going on. How are you spending your time? What pisses you off, and why. Who pushes your buttons, and why are you involved in any drama? Try to see a larger picture patterns and beliefs. Sometimes it can be a good thing to simply hit pause and step outside for a minute. Sit down, detach yourself and observe. Do it every day. Practice not getting emotionally involved in your day. Not alone, not around people. Life is not happening to you. You are creating it.

Give yourself the permission to search behind the scenes. Your purpose might not be far from where you are. Sometimes all that is needed is some decluttering and some reorganizing, and everything falls into place. Perhaps you are doing what you really love, but with the wrong people, or you need to redefine some or your boundaries. You might believe that what you already know to be your path is not sustainable. That is not something you can support yourself and your family doing. If that is the case, work on releasing those false beliefs, and look for those that have already done it. If you can`t find anyone, search for those who have done something similar, and be a pioneer. It takes dedication and work, so give yourself time to work yourself into the new and fulfilling path. If it was easy, everybody would do it. Easy is overrated and sometimes confused with effortlessness. No real effort is needed when you are in the flow of your heart and soul, but it might not be defined as easy.

Once you follow your truth, life becomes effortless.

Ask and it is given:

Find your journal and claim it for your life purpose. The most important book in your life, and about your life. Write down these headlines and do some freestyle writing. Don’t use your brain too much, but let the pen do the work. Write from your heart. There is no right or wrong. Nothing has to be politically correct or parent or spouse approved. Everything is allowed, sensor free. Step out of your thinking and let it flow freely and instantly. For each topic, write the first three sentences that come to you. Repeat every day for one whole week. Let your inner knowing come forth, as you force the subconscious mind to reveal the hidden truth. Let your heart and soul connection with your true self.

  • What are you good at? We are all good at something. You don’t have to see yourself as a master or an expert, yet, but find something that you know within your heart that you are good at.
  • Do you have a hobby? If you don’t have one now, you might have had one as a child or a young adult. Maybe you have had an interest that never amounted to any real hobby, but you still have a secret passion for the topic. Maybe even more than one.
  • What makes time stand still? Have you experienced losing yourself in something to the point where time vanished and nothing else mattered? When we are in our zone, we block out everything else, due to a deep focus and engagement.
  • How can you serve? How would you be able to help others? What do you have to offer that would benefit someone in need? Is there anything the world needs right now that you believe is important and interesting?
  • If you had all the money in the world, what would you do? If money was not an issue, what would you spend your time doing?
  • What would you do the last year of your life? This is a typical question and will, of course, reflect on the need to spend time with our loved ones, but some interesting things might come forth from asking yourself this.
  • What did you dream about doing as a child? Write down anything that comes to mind. Small, big, no limits.

Listen to your life, it is bigger than yourself. Listen to your dissatisfaction, and what others tell you about you. Your life has a purpose for others, why is that? Get to know yourself and listen closely.

Our purpose is to find our purpose, to live it and to share it with others.

Let it flow:

Here is another exercise for you to have fun with. Let your purpose come forth. Get your journal and set the alarm on 3 minutes. That is all you need. Sit comfortably and write nonstop. No thinking allowed. This is called intuitive writing. Write down everything you would do if you could start all over. If you go a whole new lease on life, from early childhood, what would it look like? What would you do, where would you be, and who would you be with. There are no limits here. Not about money, time, age, gender or family. Use your imagination freely. Nothing is too small and nothing is too extravagant or large. This is your dream world. Focus on you, on what you would do, what you would spend your time doing. Do this for ten executive days, then read and see what you find. Maybe every day you write something similar, and maybe there are some things that stay the same. Look for the common thread, you will find your clue.

I will not “work” another day in my life:

When I found my mission, my purpose, my whole life changed. I pursued a trait that reflected what I was good at or one of the things I was good at. At least that is what I was told growing up. Without having one true passion, I believed that since I had the skill, it would have to be my path. My heart was never consulted. I had several interests and paths I could have chosen. I was a decent piano player, loved everything about music, and danced for years. I was also a gymnast but ended up as an Interior architect with great success. The success that contributed to stress and ill-health.  I worked hard, not passionately. I stepped up to my responsibilities, from being determined, well taught and proud, not because of my inner drive. I used my stubbornness, skills and, ability to persevere to succeed as we often see it. I was not a complete stranger to my passions, I just never followed them from my heart. I never prioritized my heart callings, they were always cluttered by my life´s teachings. When my life was turned upside down by illness and pain, it was very clear that what I was doing was not supporting my soul purpose. My whole life was not supporting my true mission.

From true purpose comes balance, not stress and disease. No sickness can live in an alkaline passionate and enthusiastic environment. Self-love and compassion will not allow it. My whole life fell apart, and from the ashes, I found my true path and all the blessings that come with it. I was brutally awakened, through losing everything that I knew as my current life. My business and career, my health, my ability to move, my hobbies and my friends. I went through HELL to Inspired, and am now doing what I love, feeling more enthusiastic about life than ever before, and the last thing on my mind is a vacation. My job is my passion and my mission. It is my true calling. It fuels me, and it inspired me. Sure, there are days that takes a lot of effort and determination, and yes, every single day keeps me learning and growing. What it does not do is drain my energy.

I am true to myself, and therefore I take care of myself.

I do what I love, therefore I love what I do.

I follow my heart, as I know what following the mind will do.

It is a trap.

Don´t fall for it.

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Hilde Larsen
Hilde Larsen
HILDE Larsen, known as the one who Inspires, is the owner and founder of Inspired by Hilde. She is a certified Health and Success Coach, a Raw Food Teacher, an Author and a Certified Detox Specialist. She is an Inspirational keynote speaker, a Blogger, and has her own YouTube channel. She is the author of three published books: From HELL to Inspired, Know The Truth and Get Healthy and No More Bullshit. She also creates online video programs and has her own membership site Inspired Members. Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, she and her husband of 29 years have a second home in Florida, USA. She is a proud mother and grandmother, and a tree hugger at heart. Called by nature and spirit, she is inspiring many to take back their power. She is highly intuitive and has a strong connection to Mother Earth and the spiritual world. Her glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality has the leading role in her work.

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  1. Hilde Larsen, I agree with Larry Tyler, and love how you pointed out, “Follow the voice of your inner child” to help find your purpose in life. Our inner children are the most honest and joyful of our inner-selves and love to find anything because it is like a game of Hide-n-Seek”, especially when it comes to purpose. Great article. sharing.

  2. Wonderful article! Thank you, Hilde! I’m a great believer in listening to the heart, and as Larry, comments, it seems to be a source of happiness for many people. I’m going through a transition myself, in which I’m learning to rely more on my heart and intuition, and less on my head. I love ideas, and I’ve always seen myself as a thinker, but now I’m beginning to see head as much more associated with ego, and heart with Self. Finding the right balance can be a bit tricky, but asking myself if an idea feels good is helping. So my overall purpose is not changing much, but the way in which I’m experiencing it is.

    • Thank you, that means a lot. <3 We are all learning and growing, and blessings to you on your journey.