How Do Winning Teams Keep Winning?

The Boston Celtics are winners of 17 NBA championships. The New England Patriots winners of five Super Bowl championships. The New York Yankees winners of 27 World Series. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear these teams mentioned in the daily news? The Cleveland Browns. The San Diego Padres. The New York Jets. Same question. In this article, I look at some key lessons we can learn from these winning organizations and apply those principles to daily life.

I believe what unites these tremendous organizations are three core key principles: pride, perseverance, and teamwork.

These three organizations added these principles into their collective DNA.Pride can be both a positive and negative virtue. If pride is harnessed with humility, great things can happen to organizations. On the other hand, the pride that’s left unchecked leads to hubris and defeat.

Pride. Lou Gehrig. Babe Ruth. Mickey Mantle. Derek Jeter.Yogi Berra. Larry Bird. Tom Brady. Bill Russell. Paul Pierce. John Havlicek. These are few players who have played for these organizations over the course of several decades. Each player is remembered for, dedication and a commitment to excellence, during their many years of service. Did these players leave after a playoff loss? Did the temptation of more money entice them to other franchises? Did these players ever take the easy way out even if nobody was watching them? Today, players on those teams, take pride in their team history and hope to be remembered in the same breath as these legends of the game.

Perseverance. The next key lesson to learn from these teams and players is perseverance. These teams and organizations play to win each and every season. If a rebuilding season is needed, the teams do whatever is necessary to compete again expeditiously. No excuses are made just acquire the players that can accomplish the goal of winning a championship. What lessons can we learn from this principle? To succeed in business your organization must recruit top talent in 2018.

Teamwork. There is no I in the word team. Teamwork is helping another team member when you have finished your workload. The Patriots perform strenuous due diligence, whenever they face an opponent on Sunday. Furthermore, no team is ever taken lightly or underestimated by the New England coaching staff. Would it be easy to do that? Yes, but never with coach Belichick at the helm of New England Patriots. Laurence Bell, the founder of Bell aircraft company, once said that anyone unwilling to do the small things shouldn’t be trusted to do big things.

I believe these key principles of pride, perseverance, and teamwork have been an integral part of the Celtics, Yankees, and Patriots’ successes throughout the ages. I welcome everyone’s thoughts on this subject matter.

Phillip D'Amato
Phillip D'Amato
Phillip D ‘Amato is an echocardiographer who has a passion for writing and for reading classic literature. I have worked in the field of non-invasive cardiology for twenty-five years. I enjoy studying history and am committed to preserving the environment for future generations. I write primarily about technology and other diverse fields on social media. I am working on e-publishing a sci-fi anthology series in the near future. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and here.