How Content Services Can Boost Your Business Efforts

When it comes to increasing leads, boosting conversions, and growing sales, content marketing efforts have a proven track record. The catch is that it takes time and a fair amount of effort to do so effectively. Outsourcing your article writing needs to an agency specializing in writing services strengthens your performance.

This is because, unlike traditional advertising, people appreciate information about your company in the form of content. This isn’t a hollow claim, either. Market surveys have shown that 70% of people would prefer to learn about a company through an article than through an advertisement. Moreover, that same survey revealed that a majority of people enjoy reading relevant content from brands. Yes, you read that right. They enjoy it.

The key here is relevant content. We’ll illustrate this with a homeowner in springtime. Like most of us, this person is excited for the return of warm weather after a long, cold winter. They’re looking forward to getting outside and nurturing their garden back to health. However, they have some questions, and they turn to Google for the answer. Let’s say they’re wondering about the best time to plant annuals.

Here is where your content plan comes into effect. Articles optimized with users and search engines in mind appear on the first page of results. For example, your blog has an article about the best time to plant flowers in the spring. Because this search is repeated time and time again, with hundreds or thousands of users, through your blog, you’ve increased awareness of your business with the added benefit of being viewed as a knowledgeable source of information – an expert in your field. Chances are, when looking for additional gardening information, people will return to your site for more quality content.

That blog post, and others like it on your site, have done something a standard advertisement couldn’t. It has positioned your brand in the customer’s mind as a trustworthy source of information. The post has developed a budding sense of brand loyalty in return visits and created a sense of goodwill by providing valuable information without asking for anything in return.

When it comes to top-of-funnel results, blogs and articles on a website are a valuable tool.

Whereas your top-of-funnel content was broad and general, content designed to convert should be narrow and targeted. In other words, you should have a good idea of who your lead is, what sort of information they’re looking for, and how they prefer to have it delivered. You’ll also need a well-crafted call to action. With these tools and a mindset of creating content for a specific person at a defined point in their buying journey, it’s possible to craft content that produces that drives conversion.

From discovery to delivery, well-executed content – like the sort created by an article writing agency – can grow your business.   


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