How Content is Adapting in 2020

Content marketing is ever-evolving, but the current situation has caused it to undergo a new kind of transformation.

While the full effects are yet to be seen, Business 2 Community notes that in the next few weeks, months, and years, we’ll undoubtedly start to discover how the pandemic really disrupted the world and changed our behavior, as well as how it’s going to alter how marketers will have to advertise and promote products and services. One thing is for sure, though — people are consuming media more than ever before.

The way in which companies operate and produce content is also experiencing a massive shift. Even those that work with the belief that “content” is king are challenged not only with how they collaborate but with what they create as well. In our previous post on ‘How to Manage Your Remote Workers Like A Pro’ it was underscored how in some situations, teams have to adopt a new way of approaching something, and that could entail having to use different technology to achieve a specific goal. This couldn’t be more apparent when creating content. Given that many workers have gone fully remote, they need the right tools to ensure seamless and safe collaboration.

Telecommuting may have been inconceivable back in the day, but it’s no longer a logistical nightmare. Today’s workers have an array of tools to ensure business continuity, and the blueprint to working with a remote setup is continuously changing as well. The cloud content management system on Box proves that in light of complex processes and changing work dynamics, cloud content management promotes much better collaboration. Having a dedicated platform for collaboration that integrates well with the other apps and software your company uses will make life simpler for everyone. This will allow teams to produce content in real-time as there is communication across all channels. These features also contribute to keeping everything organized and secure.

Once marketers and companies have figured out a way to produce content that works for them, the next step is to approach content production and produce more personalized, thoughtful, and value-adding pieces. This is not only because creativity is needed to stay afloat, but also due to the fact that there is an increasing number of people looking for institutions that they can trust.

The general public is now ostensibly wary about companies that are only after their money. Now, more than ever, people are in need of stories rather than advertisements. They need to know that the brands they support also emphasize with them and help them make sense of this currently chaotic world. Marketer Amanda Milligan highlights that if brands aren’t going to say anything that offers some kind of value, they should not say anything at all.

Consumers are smarter these days. They are more skeptical of companies that are obviously doing or saying things just because they sound nice. Only those that show ingenuity and willingness to assist their audiences and serve them the way they were pre-pandemic will continue to build credibility and reel in more supporters.

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