How Company Culture Can Make Or Break A Business

The new year oftentimes brings many changes to the ways in which companies operate and function. The intricacies within an organization may fluctuate at the forefront of 2017 as goals and aspirations evolve.

For many places of work, keeping employees happy is one of many primary focuses. For most organizations, it seems logical that happy employees equate to elevated productivity and success.

But while positive and engaging company culture can be extremely beneficial, it can actually make or break a business.

When Company Culture Becomes Potentially Damaging

Positive company culture in a workplace can certainly boost worker morale, but this must be done in a deliberate manner that doesn’t detract from overarching success by eating up too much cost or too much time.

A resource by Pepperdine University titled How to Promote a Positive Company Culture for Success points out some ways in which “too much of a good thing” can actually have an obverse effect. The graphic points out the following:

Bureaucracy can create dead ends; inefficient management frequently results in too many meetings and long-winded emails.

Traditional incentives often do not work. Emotional pressures are typically less positive than intended; avoid micromanaging and “hovering” management, as well as “we depend on you” mentalities.

Economic incentives may work well for some workers but are not evergreen for all employees. This can also in turn channel a backtracking “quantity over quality mindset”.

Balancing financial elements of company culture must also be done in a tactful way. If it’s realistic to provide a breakfast bar or weekly lunches to employees, by all means, do so. But make sure incentives such as this is actually affordable before committing to such endeavors.

In order for company culture efforts to flourish it must be viewed through a lens of efficiency and refinement. Ideas must be tailored to a business and it’s employees specifically, in order to accentuate strengths and overcome potential weaknesses.

The Positive Side of Company Culture: A Refined Approach

In order to keep employees happy and create a company culture that is economically sound an organization should start by identifying an implicit purpose.

How can employees feel empowered by their work? When workers feel like they are making a positive impact on the industry or within a community they feel pride and perform with a sense of purpose.

Make sure that they feel like they are working towards something bigger! This involves persistence with positive reinforcement. Reward success with gratitude and praise. Remind them why they are valuable.

Proven Examples of Effective Company Culture

One of the best ways to hone in on how to improve company culture efforts is to learn from other companies that truly hit the bulls eye. The following examples, taken from the same Pepperdine University resource, highlight other entities proven successes.

Robert Parmer
ROBERT Parmer is a student of Boise State University, ex-chef and barista, and adamant writer. He stepped away from the kitchen life three years ago to pursue freelance writing endeavors, and enjoys writing about business, health/wellness, and cats.




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