How Co-Working Spaces Are Helping Women’s Careers Grow

Women the world over, even though they have joined the workforce in large numbers, have long been forced to subordinate office for home. Since women have culturally borne the primary responsibility for the keeping of homes and the raising of children, they have had no option but to drop out of their careers when working hours, travel times, promotions or postings have come in the way of their caregiving roles in the family. If they have not been forced out of the workforce, they have often stagnated mid-career because they have not been able to match the time that men devote to the workplace. Not just women, but men too have been constrained by the traditional office so that they, even when they have been willing and supportive of their women counterparts, have been unable to support them in sharing family responsibilities.

With co-working, people are not forced to conform to a standard but to adapt their workspace to their needs. It is bringing into vogue a new kind of workplace that empowers both men and women to support rather than impede women from reaching their highest career aspirations.

Here’s how:

Accessible Locations – You can choose to work from a location most convenient to you – whether it is close to the city’s business district or closer to home in the suburbs. No one needs to give up on a lucrative career opportunity because of distance or location.

Flexibility – In a co-working space, you come to work and leave in your own time. People work early in the day or late into the night. This is not an exception but the norm and therefore, there is no pressure associated with “leaving work before the others”.

Distributed Working – Since co-working offers affordable, fully functional office spaces with no setup cost or effort, companies find it easier to maintain productivity without having an in-house workforce. Many roles in sales, marketing, recruitment, design and even training have become viable for remotely located employees.

Freelancing – With co-working, freelancers can easily start out on limited budgets without having to work out of their homes or cafes, isolated from a professional community and without the basic office infrastructure. Even if you live in Delhi or Hyderabad, hosting a client meeting in Bangalore takes only booking a meeting room in Bangalore and flying in by the morning flight. Complete control of work life makes it easier to weather the challenges on other fronts without compromising on career growth.

Supportive Community – Co-working has normalised, even glamourized a culture where the boundaries between work and play are blurred, where pursuing interests outside of work is not only allowed but also encouraged. An inherent culture of sharing makes professional networking easy for everyone. Men and women alike report being motivated by the attitude of problem solving and collaboration among their co-workers.

Office Environment – If you are sharing your office space with people from different organisations and diverse domains, the friction typical to internal teams in a traditional office doesn’t come into play. This relieves people of peer pressure and frees women to focus on their career aspirations and personal growth.

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  1. There is no doubt that coworking is functional for women’s work: women who for a thousand needs may have in their normal offices some difficulties, arising from a gestation or a family, can thus adapt the work with the time available to them.