1. You are chronically stressed out.
  2. You are being overworked.
  3. You are being bullied.
  4. You’re a victim – or contributor – to office gossip.
  5. Your boss is a hothead.

Of course, your options are to confront the person one-on-one, confront with a team and/or plan your exit. However, depending on your level of experience with such crucial conversations, financial circumstances and personal issues of what others may think may get in the way of what is the biggest obstacle – yourself.

In my book, Jumping the Queue: Achieving Great Things Before You’re Ready, we tackle this issue in the context of self-care, your value system and priorities. So, for those who are beginning this journey of understanding of self-awareness, let me be brief:

  1. Give yourself permission to let go of people, places and things that are toxic.
  2. Do not waste any time worrying about the perception of others as they are not living your life.
  3. It is okay to leave, and you will find another opportunity. Let me say this again, it is okay to leave, and you will find another opportunity. This is where many people doubt their self-worth and if I could go back and tell my 20 something self it would be that life is way too short and opportunities are too plenty to be in a space that creates this type of stress.
  4. Be gracious with your exit while having enough respect for yourself and for others to know that your character is your greatest asset.
  5. Know that although it may take time, toxic people and places will eventually be brought to light – have patience.

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