There are some very specific things you can commit to, that will accelerate your success:

– Be willing to step out of your comfort zone – This is not a new concept, yet most people in society only stay within their personal comfort zones. We are conditioned to believe that staying with what we know and what we are “comfortable” doing is “safe”. In fact, this is one of the most dangerous things you can do, if you want to move forward and create more success. Successful people have learned to continually step outside of what is familiar, and what is comfortable because this is the only way you learn and grow. Understand, if you are not learning and growing, you are regressing, so it is imperative to step outside of your comfort zone and learn and test new things.

– Understand change is constant – There is nothing in life or in business that doesn’t change. Nothing stays the same. Those that resist change will be left behind. Instead, embrace change, learn whatever is necessary to work within change and you will find opportunity that was always there, but was not revealed until you embraced the change with a new attitude.

– Be consistent & persistent – Successful people do not give up. Successful people do not take action for a short period of time, and then give up if they don’t have the result within X number of months. Successful people understand the importance of being consistent and persisting with their decisions and actions until the goal is met.

– Take personal responsibility for everything in your life – If you walk your dog, pick up after they do their business. If you drop something in a store, own up to it with the shop keeper. If you give someone the wrong advice, tell them you made a mistake. If you made a wrong decision, make it right. When you commit to doing something, keep the commitment. Personal responsibility is one of the most powerful concepts to implement to bring about life and business improvements.

– Realize you have choice – There are two types of people – those that play the victim who doesn’t have choice, and those that realize there is ALWAYS new and better choices they can make. No one has to be in a job or relationship they don’t enjoy. There are choices, there are always solutions. The key is to understand you DO have choice and to make better ones.

– Not afraid to risk – I talked about this in a previous article ….. Society has been conditioned to believe that we shouldn’t take risk. Risk can be re-framed to Responsibly Implementing Specialized Knowledge. Anyone who achieves success understands risk is not something to fear, but to embrace, to put yourself in a position that most will never experience because they are stuck in fear. Understanding and living this concept can put you in the top percentage in your field, because most people simply will not do it. And guess what, the bonus is – there is no competition there!

– It is vital to be a continual learner – No matter what field you are in, there is always something new, and things changing. They way to stay ahead is to commit to raising the bar in your own development and continue to learn and grow. There is no such thing as staying right where you are….if you are not learning and growing, you are dying.–  Face your fears – One thing I have personally learned is that if we don’t face our fears, our fears control us. When we feel controlled, we feel frustrated, stressed and unhappy, but often do not realize why we feel that way. No one wants to be controlled. Fear is not real, it is our mind creating imaginary outcomes from the conditioned beliefs we have. There is nothing more exhilarating than doing something you were afraid of, and proving to yourself how capable you are, and how you were holding yourself back by buying into the fear. This will open the door to a whole new world of learning and living into your potential, and is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It builds self esteem, confidence and certainty which are building blocks to success.

– Rest but don’t quit – There will be times you are tired, burnt out, exhausted. This is the time to honor your body and your mind, and take a short rest to rejuvenate yourself. The key is rejuvenate – don’t quit. Get back at it once you are rested, with a renewed enthusiasm, clearer focus and new ideas and give it everything you’ve got.

So, is it luck? I have found the harder I work on these things, the luckier I get…. If you are willing to commit to these things, you too can be a LUCKY entrepreneur.