How can Manufacturing Companies Maintain Healthy Air Quality?

The current public health and financial crises, mandate companies to maximize their equipment to lower costs. Since manufacturing facilities require HVAC machines and other energy-consuming equipment, companies must find ways to improve air quality and lower energy costs. One efficient investment is a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan, which helps with air circulation of HVAC machines in processing plants.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) air ventilation and air distribution are the top reasons to maintain the acceptable air quality in facilities. The NIH reports that maintaining healthy air quality reduces the chances of your employees’ health being compromised.  The NIH believes that focusing on air quality prevents Sick Building Syndrome, defined as “a situation in which the occupants of a building experience acute health- or comfort-related effects that seem to be linked directly to the time spent in the building.” Employee absences contribute to higher costs and reduce productivity. These health reasons explain one major benefit of HVLS industrial ceiling fans

Harvard Business Review reported that air quality was the top priority for workers, in relation to workplace wellness. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed made air quality the number one desired workplace wellness perk. In the same survey, 16% of the respondents wanted an on-site gym as a wellness perk.

Another major benefit of HVLS fans is reducing work for HVAC equipment. The main job of the HVLS fan is moving large amounts of air from the HVAC in a controlled manner. This creates more efficiency by reducing energy consumption and extends the life expectancy of the HVAC. Since HVACs do not circulate heat properly, where the heat is distributed unevenly, HVLS fans move the air down to the floor where it is needed.

The design of HVLS fans allows them to move at a slower speed than a traditional fan. The specially designed blades allow the air to move large areas up to 22,000 square feet. It would take between10-20 floor fans to do the work of one HVLS fan. These fans cool the room down between 10-11 degrees. For example, if a room’s temperature is 83 degrees, the HVLS fan can cool it down to 72 degrees. This reduction in temperature reduces the work of the HVAC as well. 

Manufacturing companies must take into consideration certain factors when installing HVLS industrial ceiling fans. One factor involves studying what obstructions need to be looked at, like staging and machinery. Other factors are personnel work areas overall building layout. When looking to purchase and install the HVLS industrial ceiling fans, certain factors must be considered including fan design, performance, number of blades, blade to hub connection, blade tilt, and safety features.

With companies needing to tighten their purse strings and focus on the health of their employees, invest in HVLS industrial ceiling fans for long-term benefits. During a public health pandemic, it is best to invest in items that can cut costs and improve the well-being of your workers simultaneously.

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