How Can I Protect My Intellectual Property?

When you talk about intellectual property, you refer to creations of the mind. These can range from inventions and symbols, to literary and artistic works, or to names and images used in business. In general terms, intellectual property is divided into two distinct categories:

Industrial Property

This type of intellectual property includes patents for:

  • Industrial designs
  • Geographical indications
  • Trademarks
  • Inventions


This type of intellectual property covers:

  • Literary creations of all sorts
  • Music
  • Films
  • Artistic works including paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photography
  • Architectural design

Rights related to this type of intellectual property encompass those of producers of film and music, broadcasters of radio, TV, podcasts, and any other method, and performances by artists.

What are intellectual property rights?

Like any other property, intellectual property has rights that can be protected. This allows its creators, whether they are songwriters, authors, sculptors, photographers, software developers or any other inventors to benefit from their own work or investment.

Why is it important to protect your intellectual property?

Much of the advancement of the human race throughout history has rested on the shoulders of those that have come up with a myriad of creations, be them in the area of technology, culture, or any other. If you are a creator, you want to make sure that your creations enjoy legal protection. This not only serves to motivate you to create more but can bring economic rewards to you and to those you employ thanks to your creation.

What resources are available to you in order to protect your intellectual property?

There are several options available to protect property. The one you use will depend on the type of property you intend to protect.


A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention; it recognizes creativity. The invention can be a product, a process that entails a new way to do something or one that provides a new solution to a problem. By receiving a patent, you can have your invention protected for a period of 20 years. This means that your invention cannot be reproduced commercially, distributed, or used without your consent, and you have the right to allow somebody else to use it.


A trademark is a distinctive sign that identifies certain goods or services. Trademarks allow consumers to identify and buy the product or service that holds this unique trademark. By having trademark protection, you have the exclusive right to identify your goods or services or to authorize others to use it in exchange for payment.

Geographical Indication

This is a sign used on goods that have a specific country of origin or a reputation linked to that place, for example, agricultural products. This indication is intended to protect both the region a product comes from and the consumer.

Industrial Design

A wide variety of industrial products, whether they are technical or medical instruments, watches or jewelry, housewares, or electrical appliances are protected in their industrial design through international law. Industrial design is what makes these articles attractive and appealing.

If you have a unique and original creation that you wish to protect, an Orlando business lawyer is precisely what you need. You will be able to know that your creation is protected and you will be able to profit from it in the way you have envisioned.

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