How Can Diving Improve Your Professional Career?

Did you know that scuba diving is a great muscle and cardiovascular workout? While most divers do it for the relaxation benefits, it’s definitely a form of exercise and, as such,  has proven to be beneficial to your physical and mental health.

However, you might not have known that it is also beneficial for your professional career. If you are skeptical about that statement, read on to gain some information on how diving can improve your work life.

1.   Diving boosts your mood

Most people dive because it makes them happy. The way this works is that diving (and exercise in general) boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. These chemicals regulate your mood and keep you happy. Additionally, a lack of production of these chemicals leads to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

You might wonder how that integrates into your professional career. Well, studies show that people who are generally happier in their lives tend to be more productive in their work. As a result, you will work more efficiently and have better performance at work overall.

2.    You will have an enhanced immune system

There’s plenty of research that proves the benefits exercise has on your physical well being. Regular exercise enhances your immune system, meaning that you will get ill less frequently than those who tend to be more inactive in their lives.

Since your body will be able to fight off some illnesses, such as the common cold or some upper respiratory tract infections, you will take fewer sick days off work and feel better at work in general.

3.    You will have more energy

Another proven benefit of diving is the raise of energy levels in your body. In fact, studies show that the energy increase occurs even on the cellular level.  The cells in your brain actually receive a boost which increases your overall brain activity.

4.    You will be more alert

It’s simple – exercise sends blood flow to your brain, which makes you more alert. When you are at work, it will be easier for you to focus on the task at hand.  Consequently, you will have better control over realizing and fixing your mistakes, which is crucial in the workplace.

5.    Your memory will improve

The University of British Columbia published a  study that shows how regular exercise improves the power of your hippocampus, which is the part of your brain that regulates memory and learning. As a result, you won’t forget that important deadline coming up, that e-mail you forgot to reply to, among other things.

6.    You will feel less stressed

Divers practice a very specific breathing technique, which is similar to the one used when meditating. They breathe slowly and deeply, which makes them feel especially calm. Pair that with the beautiful surroundings they are regularly enjoying and you have a perfect recipe for a stress-free life.

In a dive, all the problems you might face at work or in your personal life will be left behind. As a result, you will notice a great decrease in tension, anxiety, and will be better at managing stress. Being able to handle stressful situations at work is crucial and will drastically improve your career.

7.    Your emotional well-being will improve

Similarly to how underwater surroundings help relieve stress, they also improve your overall emotional well-being. Studies mention that actively observing marine life has amazing benefits for your mental health. Just imagine all the colorful and tropical fish you encounter on a regular basis.

Your mental health is crucial, not only for your career but also for your personal life. When you are feeling down, a good dive will surely boost you back up and make it easier for you to face any potential problems you might have at work.


Generally speaking, all forms of exercise are beneficial to your professional career. With regular exercise, you will be happier, healthier and more productive overall. However, with diving, you have the added bonus of stress relief by utilizing breathing techniques and enjoying the beautiful marine life.
Just remember not to sacrifice your mental and physical well-being in exchange for a career.

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