How Brands can Improve at Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in terms of users and the variety of content you can create. With over 1 billion active users, there are plenty of opportunities for brands to take advantage of and draw in new customers while maintaining existing ones through the features offered on the app. 80 % of Instagram users follow brands so it is in a brand’s best interest to have an account or risk being left behind.

Instagram used right can create and increase brand awareness, reach and generate new business. Knowing your demographics, plus using an Instagram growth service like Growthsilo can easily make your business successful, and although it may seem like rocket science to some the followers you want are just a click away. It is important to know what you are doing with a brand on Instagram because it can make or break your business’ success. Here are some strategies that will propel you on Instagram.

Know your tools

Instagram has several tools that you can use in your arsenal of content creation. Instagram has photo-editing tools that can make your photos more attractive by adding themes and effects that make users want to view it and potentially engage. Hashtags are another great tool in your arsenal as a brand on Instagram. Trending and branded hashtags are a great way to create awareness about your brand by getting users to engage in challenges that may be brand-associated. Hashtags also allow users to create content that you could use for your page. Insights will give you a view into what is working for your audience, what kind of audience finds your content appealing and can inform how you create better content in the future.

User-generated content is gold

Reinventing the wheel can be a tedious and frustrating task especially when you are new to Instagram or have been struggling at it for a long time. Fear not! Users are here to rescue you. Users on Instagram are always creating different kinds of content which sometimes goes viral and reaches so many other Instagram users. Brands can capitalise on this content by engaging through likes, comments and sharing it on their pages, this allows them to gain visibility with users that are already interested n the content being posted.

Invest in visual aesthetics

The visual is what makes Instagram such a popular platform. Texts are secondary on this platform. The most popular brands and people on Instagram post plenty of visual content from photos to videos. In order to grow a brand on the platform, it is best to use attractive visuals which could be funny, tutorials and relatable stories for the users you are targeting. Brands that do this well have a great profile picture, usually the company logo or emblem, have consistent colours that users can identify with their brand and use these colours whenever they post content consistently. Uniform colours and themes around your brand help users better identify your brand amidst all the noise on Instagram.

Provide value

Opening an account is only part of the way there. Users on Instagram are there for the content. In order for your content to hit the mark, it has to be consistent but more importantly valuable to your target audience. Content should be entertaining, interesting, and solving a need for your audience for example through tutorials on how to use your product. Valuable content goes a long way in creating an impression on your audience and keeps them engaging your page.

Take advantage of Instagram Stories

If you have used Snapchat before, you will have an idea of what Stories are. Stories allow users to share multiple photos and videos throughout the day. Additionally, they can be edited with doodles and stickers to make them more appealing. Brands with business accounts can add links to their Stories. The best way to use this feature is to make content that appeals to the humanity of your audiences such as employee stories and customer testimonials. People love content that they can relate to.


Instagram can be valuable to a brand if they take advantage of the growth tools available, Stories, user-generated content, and provide valuable and attractive content. These strategies separate the successful from the unsuccessful on the platform.

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