Last October, esteemed auction house, Christie’s, auctioned off a piece of artwork that was created by a machine for the first time ever. The painting sold for a staggering $432,500 dollars, over $400,000 more than what it was set to go for. The hype and hefty price tag confirmed the growing interest of artificial intelligence in art, a sector that surrounds a plethora of visual arts. We’re seeing AI seep into fine art, culinary arts, choreographed dance, music, and other areas, where artists are collaborating with the capabilities of machines to create truly unique and otherwise impossible work. Though exciting, AI in art comes with polarizing thoughts from artists and collectors alike. Who owns the art? Can a machine produce the same sort of creativity as the human mind? Art auction site, Invaluable, explores these questions and more in their visuals below.

how a machine learns to write animation

how ai is changing the future of art infographicCourtesy of Invaluable

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