How an Amazon Consultant will Benefit Your Business To Increase Overall Sales Performance

Keep Your Performance Metrics Up

Here are some of the things you need to watch out for:

  • Order Defect Rate (ODR) – It’s the key measure of your ability to provide good customer service to your customers. It’s measured by dividing the number of order defects divided by the total number of orders within a 60-day period. So, if you’re not getting a lot of orders, you can’t afford negative feedback, returns, or refund requests from any of your customers. An ODR of above 1% will get your account deactivated.
  • Late Shipment Rate – If you’re not using FBA, late shipments are your problem. You shouldn’t let your late shipment rate go above 4% to keep the account in good standing.
  • Negative Feedback – The A9 algorithm takes your feedback into account when calculating search ranking. If you have a lot of negative reviews, you’ll most likely be at the end of search engine results. Believe me; nobody reads the 34th page when looking for a product.

Other Suspension Reasons

As a seller, losing your privileges to sell even for a few days could have an enormous impact. The problem is, if you’re a large business operating on Amazon, it’s just a matter of time before your account gets suspended. Seller Performance and bots both have the ability to suspend accounts based on perceived violations of Amazon’s policies, and you need to contact them personally to start selling again.

It’s best to know the other reasons for getting suspended. They are:

  • Selling inauthentic products – Amazon discourages sellers from selling knockoffs or pirated versions of the original. If you’re suspected of selling inauthentic products, your selling privileges will be revoked pending an investigation on the matter. You’ll need to provide documentation to prove your items are authentic.
  • Offering restricted/prohibited items – There are products that can only be sold with Amazon’s approval and may require you to satisfy more stringent requirements. If you start selling those restricted products, your listings may be removed or your account suspended, depending on the situation. Selling prohibited items will automatically result in account deactivation.
  • Intellectual Property Infringement – Amazon takes any intellectual property complaint seriously. You’ll most likely be asked to come up with evidence that you have the authority to sell certain products and provide documentation, such as a letter of authorization from the owner of the rights, license to distribute, etc.
  • Having multiple accounts – This policy violation is inexcusable for Amazon. It’s clearly stated in the policy that opening multiple accounts will result in account deactivation.

Start a Winning Culture

Taking care of your own Amazon account sounds attractive to many sellers as you have more control and save money at the same time. However, there are certain aspects of selling on Amazon that only a full-service digital marketing agency can provide.

An Amazon consultant has the knowledge, experience, and level of expertise that’s required to really increase your company’s overall sales performance. Start a winning culture and leave that task to the experts. It’s about acknowledging your limitations.


Jayce Broda
Jayce Broda
Jayce is the managing director of Seller Interactive, an Amazon full-service marketing agency dedicated to helping brands grow on Amazon. His content marketing expertise has led him to work with brands such as Toyota and GoDaddy, producing content that reached over 20M views in a month. He is on a journey to help D2C brands scale their business on Amazon.

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