How About Building Something Better for Everyone?

So, recently I came across an article that stated we could have built 60 of the world’s tallest buildings in every state of America for the amount of money that has been printed in the last couple of years!

That is quite a lot of building potential and with a promise to “BUILD” what has actually been built?

Looking at the new and steadily improving building techniques from 3D printing houses, earth ships, adobe houses, and fully self-sustainable villages that gather rain and live in close to perfect harmony with nature, why are we still building with the outdated materials?

Graphene was something I came across as I was looking for what this building in a book I was writing could be used to avoid certain doomsday scenarios. Climate cycles, man-made disasters, solar and cosmic shifts, and all the ‘what if’s’ led to this remarkable discovery!

A saran wrap coated with graphene could withstand an elephant standing on a pencil not being able to break through this thin sheet of saran wrap! That is pretty incredible!

So as my imagination wandered with a graffiti-style architecture with woven beams created out of hempcrete and certain fungus that keeps moisture and bacteria under control and infused with graphene I saw a structure that would last for quite some time and stand up to most scenarios.

What would be the purpose of this structure? A Megastructure Outlinedin Graphene Armor!

The idea of the Museum Of Graffiti Art as mentioned in recent articles is a place to go to build skills, make advancements in self-awareness as well as ability, finding the relationship with nature, and off to master the gifts of trade and art to achieve something marvelous!

Graffiti and writing on walls is as ancient as anything that I am aware of, from hieroglyphs, and cave murals to the Berlin Wall and now trains of cityscapes and abandoned cities.

We wrote on walls and told stories for those who would come after us as a guide and warning.

The higher learning schools and universities of today require something that not everyone has access to but these new structures do…will determination and the spirit to succeed!

This I feel we all inherently have been created with and yes at times life can get heavy for some and resorting to escapism or simply giving up, this idea will be another way for us to improve and move our species forward.

Life is an experiment and there are many things taking place at the moment as scientists through trial and error discover better ways for us to cohabit this world and limit the damage we have done in the past our future seems very bright!

The Structures of the future where people go to improve and find a balance with nature and spirit as well as the ability to self-sustain are here! Greenhouses and knowledge of plants and animals as well as us living in harmony with one another is a beautiful vision and one to be cultivated with care.

This is happening right before our very eyes and many seem to not even notice as I communicate with others on my travels or cyber surfing. A robot has received citizenship with A.I. and smart learning capabilities! We are in some interesting times.

As the driverless cars and robots take the daily tasks on, what will people be doing?

There are many theories indeed, but for us to preserve the old ways in unison with the new hand in hand we move into the future now, and rest assured the dark ages will be well behind us! This can happen overnight or in an instant when we all take a moment to really assess our lives, our thoughts, and our relationships and ask the question; Am I happy?

We have incredibly powerful potential when in alignment with energy that supports growth, love, and harmony.

There are many lessons now of ‘what not to do’ so let the history’s true events be told so we all can move on into the golden age and see the future generations smile upon our efforts to make corrections and create something awesome!

Thank you for taking the moment to read this.



Jonathan Fable
Jonathan Fable
Jonathan Fable grew up in Ridgewood Queens getting involved with drugs and crime at a very young age. He excelled in his classroom when he was present but chose to run away and experience life on the street. His guides were showing him a path that he thought was cool to him but as the years passed they ended up departing the world young or ending up in prison cells. First arrested at 9 years old and going through the system he was discharged at 15 years old to a phone call that someone he looked up to and loved that saved his life from getting clipped by the J train coming outta Sutphin tunnel had just been shot. After many near-death experiences and encounters with those who wished to take his life, he decided that the path he was on would lead to more harm than a better life.  He met someone who showed him the way and cleared his mind and practice his life changed for the better. Living abroad on an island with a very small population he was shown the old ways and became aware of his family history. Seeing the beauty of family he imagined the wife and mother of the kids he eventually would help bring into the world to love guide and protect had come to fruition. He started writing his life story around the time he met his wife and his Ego ran with information that he didn't fully comprehend but sounded pretty smart regurgitating. The idea of a museum of GRAFFITI Art 501c3 was shared with him by an old friend from the block as all the pieces were coming together for his dream to share his story and inspire the ones around him from his life. He put his project on hold and made an agreement with his brother to help build the MOGA! His brother shared that the MOGA would fund his own creations and also help the community that he rose up and out of. Creating opportunities and sharing guidance for the lovers of graffiti and hip-hop to be self-sufficient and create a great life! At the time of this opportunity, he was a father to 2 toddlers and a baby girl on the way. His plate was full and he rose to the challenge through his knowledge of painting, carpentry, and restoration he continued to improve his life. Also amidst this doing his best to overcome childhood trauma, tragedies and addiction he muscled his way through and published after many years of dreaming to now bring his dreams to reality. A story where his brother never departed the world and the museum of GRAFFITI Art transformed into the MEGASTRUCTURE OUTLINED IN GRAPHENE ARMOR where many omnipotent gods aligned at the moment of great awakening!

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