Hotel Owners!  6 Quick Ways to Give the Guest Bedrooms a Facelift

If you’re looking to attract the floods of travelers who are forecast to return in 2021, it may be that you’re thinking of upgrading your guest bedrooms to let those who’ve stayed with you before know that you’ve been looking forward to welcoming them back, and are even more committed to ensuring that they have a  great experience during their stay. However, after a tough 2020 (to put it mildly), it’s unlikely that you’ll have an unlimited budget, so focus on making changes that your guests will really notice.

The most inviting bed

The bed is the focal point of any guest room, and it’s continuously identified as the most important feature of any stay. By ringing the changes here you’ll make a great first impression on any regular guest.  The first item to renew is the bedspread, as it’s the first thing they’ll notice. The range of colors and patterns is endless, so choose one which will ‘lift’ the color scheme of the room, if it’s quite neutral, or one which will give a more calming feel if the décor is quite elaborate.

However, that’s not the full story.  Consider upgrading the quality of your bedsheets, selecting those with a higher thread count to give your guests a more luxurious feeling as they slide into bed.   Buying high-quality wholesale white sheets can be considered a great investment as they’ll stand up to repeated launderings over longer periods, and are less likely to become thin and rip.

Re-fluff  your towels/heated towel rack

If your towels have been in use for some time, and are looking a little worn down in places, investing in some plush new towels will also add value for your guests. Make sure there’s a plentiful supply in each room, and that they are replaced regularly. We all know that laundering used towels is expensive, and reduces their lifespan. It’s also damaging to the environment.  Why not add a touch of luxury in your bathrooms by installing heated towel rails to dry off damp towels, so they can be re-used.

Upgrade your toiletry range

Upgrading your toiletry range is another way to create interest and show your guests that you’ve not been standing still. Whether you go for well-known top-of-the-range brands or something that’s natural and sustainable, you’ll be sending a message about your brand and your values. To minimize any additional cost, and cut down on the dependence on single-use plastics, choose shampoos, conditioners, and lotions which come in refillable bottles.

An inviting tea & coffee station

When a guest first enters their room, after a long and possibly stressful journey, or a hard day’s sightseeing, the last thing they want is to wait 20 minutes for room service to bring them a cup of tea or coffee.  It may be that you already provide the basics, but what about upgrading the kettle or coffee maker?  Have you tasted the coffee that’s provided in your guest rooms recently?  Is it something that you’d enjoy drinking?  What about the selection of teas? How good do they look? And if you offer biscuits, how strictly do you ration them? Only one, per guest per day?

These may seem small details, but every hotelier knows that it’s the details which count.

Lighting that works

In the evenings, the lighting in the guest bedroom will have a huge impact on the mood and atmosphere.  Ideally, it will give a warm, cozy, and restful feeling.   Reading lamps and soft bedside lights are essential, but also consider that some guests like to sit in a chair or sofa to read, and need adequate light to do so. Look at the lighting scheme in your guest rooms and consider which areas could benefit from having additional lighting, or reduced levels. Small changes can have a big impact. Of course, optimizing energy consumption is a priority, so if you haven’t already done so, consider transitioning to warm LED bulbs.

Re-charging those batteries

Adding more power outlets may not greatly increase the appearance of your guest rooms, but it can transform the experience of a guest who has multiple phones, laptops, and ipads that need charging. Many people sleep with their cellphone on the bedside table, so ensure the phone can be left plugged in to charge overnight. Ensure that the point near a desk is easy to reach, rather than positioned behind furniture. Also, have a supply of leads for use by guests who have forgotten or lost theirs, and have them for sale, so the guest doesn’t have to leave your hotel to hunt one down.

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