Hosting A Corporate Event: 5 Tips To Get People Talking

Corporate events are one way to get people talking about a new business or product. If you’re preparing to host a spectacular event in the coming months, here are five ways to create the right impression.

  1. Be original

If you’re a buyer or an investor, the chances are that you go to a lot of events. You’ve probably seen a hundred presentations accompanied by the usual buffet. If you’re eager to impress, it’s always good to be original. Show people something they’ve not seen before. Wow them with incredible visuals or a treat for the ears. You could book a fire dancer or hire a band, for example. Make sure your event is relevant to your company and what you’re offering potential clients and investors. If you have a theme, run with it. You want to capture people’s imaginations and ensure that they’re talking about your event for weeks to come.

fireImage credit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Miethke

  1. Use the power of social media

Social media is a fantastic platform to create a buzz about your event. You can invite people, give them information, and generally whip up some enthusiasm. In the run-up to the date, share updates and give people an idea of what to expect without giving away any surprises. Once you’re underway, maintain interest in the event by encouraging live tweets and sharing photos and video clips. Billions of people all over the world use social media, so your content can reach a massive audience.

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  1. Work with other businesses

If you’re putting on a show-stopping event, you’ll probably need help. You may want to offer food and drinks and entertainment. You might need to hire a venue and kit it out. Work with other companies to organize a slick, professional looking spectacle. In exchange for the best deals, you can offer free marketing by putting business cards out, for example. Events are often mutually beneficial. When your supplies and allies host similar events, they can then promote your business too.

  1. Get organized

Nothing will put off investors and potential clients more than a poorly organized event. If things are running late and the venue looks untidy or unfinished, people will be talking for all the wrong reasons. Gather a team around you, and make sure knows exactly what they’re doing. Set deadlines, and arrange regular meetings to check that everything is on schedule.

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  1. Show off your business to the best of your ability

When you’re hosting a corporate event, the aim is to showcase your business. So take advantage of every opportunity to market your company while you have a captive audience. You may wish to do a presentation, but don’t stop there. Give out promotional materials, run competitions, and hand out business cards. Make sure everyone in the room knows exactly what you can do for them.

Are you planning an event? Are you hoping to get investors on board or attract new clients? If so, you need to do something special. Think about how you can use your event to market your business, and how you’re going to dazzle the crowd. You want people to leave with great memories and a fantastic impression of your business.

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