Hope Floats – Forward

It all started with our early morning walk in September. A peaceful daily stroll my wife Ali and I treasure as “our time”. That special time just ahead of the sunrise —away from all the noise and distraction soon to emerge as a new day unfolds. A time for reflection on days gone by. And a time for reflection on days going forward.

On this particular day, our reflections were different. More focused. More intense. More inspired. We were both overwhelmed by how dark the world had become. Civil unrest and protests. Political landscape tremors borne of a presidential election. And of course, a world facing the known and unknown threats of the global pandemic. We agreed that it was time to truly “rise by lifting others” both by word and deed. It was time to use our resources to do more. To do something bigger, better, bolder, braver, and indeed scarier by design than anything we’ve contemplated in the past. And that was the seedling that took root ahead of what soon emerged as HopeFest 360° ↓

Our Ultimate Wave for Hope & Healing

And those roots have now born fruit far beyond our wildest expectations. Over 100 videos submitted with extraordinary, uplifiting messages of hope and healing –voices ranging in age from 5 to 85+ 150 powerful voices of hope and healing from around the world. Over two-dozen global recording artists stepping up to add their talent to what has now become an epic event. People coming out of the woodwork to offer help, guidance, ideas, and invaluable hope for success. Hope continues to float to the top of all the chaos engulfing our world.

Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

–Helen Keller

Hope Floats Forward

What began as a singular New Year’s Day 2021 event has now (with heartfelt thanks to Colin Smith for the inspiration) morphed into 30 more days of hope. An entire month of January bearing daily “bite-size’ chunks of our production from January 2nd forward. And that’s the magic of it all. Good people stepping up with good ideas. Good people stepping up to help us “figure out” how to stitch together such a massive global quilt of hope & healing. Good people rising to lift us up as we venture into our version of the unknown. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

Please recognize the extraordinary efforts of all of these kindred spirits by first; grabbing your free ticket(s) below, second; sharing this Article far and wide, and third; asking your friends and family to join you by doing the same. Together, let’s rise by lifting others.


Dennis J. Pitocco
Dennis J. Pitocco
Dennis is the Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of our award-winning life, culture, and biz new media digest, With an emphasis on action, our amazing writers empower people to transcend from knowing what to do to actually doing it. Today and every day, we simply deliver the very best insights, intelligence, and inspiration available anywhere, doing it our way by placing our writers and our audience at the forefront. It's magical. It's evergreen. And quite frankly, It's just good stuff. Period. Here's more About Us. He is also the Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer of GoodWorks 360°, our affiliated global nonprofit social impact enterprise, dedicated to providing mission-critical pro bono services to good nonprofits worldwide. Connect with him on Linkedin to learn more about his background. Dennis is a contributing author to the Best-Selling Book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.


  1. Dennis, this is such a wonderfully, enlightening initiative. I passionately believe that the more people gather together (even virtually) who instinctively and enthusiastically promote, disseminate and project positivity and kindness will win a prize for the world that money cannot buy. It is a fact; a fast becoming clinical reality that positivity; a positive mental attitude generates endorphins which facilitate a brightness that is infectious. A smile also generates a reaction in a similar manner.

    Consider the difference talking with an individual who is unchangeable as a negative person. Everything is a ‘glass half empty’. This can be genetic or typically through parental influence. On departing it is unlikely you would be in an upbeat mood.

    The opposite; a session with a person with PMA has a totally different outcome! High five!!!

    Positivity is growing daily as an essential ingredient for good health and we all have to contribute to this worthy cause.

    So, be the difference! Engage with people. Dennis, your initiative is so worthy and typical of the tireless energy you invest in Bizcatalyst360 which is a positive platform to put it mildly!

    We’re all together on this mission and will never give up!

    Simon Lever
    Championing Positivity, Empathy and Kindness

  2. A special thanks to you Dennis, because every communication professional, and you are, must be a mouthpiece of hope, of trust in the future. Because only when the future is welcomed as a positive and possible reality, does the present also become livable, helping, especially today, to feed hope in the pandemic situation that the world is going through.