Homeward Bound

Tommy is 5 years old, he lives with his dad who owns a fishing boat and his mom Tommy and his dad made a model of one of his dads two boats and Tommy longs for the day he will go out with his dad and help him and the crew catch some big fish.

When Tommy’s dad goes out for those long days and months Tommy sits in his favorite spot near the shore in his dad’s chair all day waiting for his dad and the crew to come home safe with a big catch.

Today Tommy is really worried there have been big storms and the sea is dangerous he crosses his fingers like his mom does hoping dad will be okay and come home safe and make another model boat.

Suddenly the sky clears and off in the distance he sees a boat that looks like his dads, then he sees that – yes, it is his dad heading for the port where he will dock and unload his catch for the cannery to buy. Tommy jumps off the chair and runs to the dock just in time to see his dad a big burly man. Tommy rushes to his dad who scoops him up in his arms, gives Tommy a big hug and kiss and says let’s go home. Tommy smiles and holds his dad’s hand as they walk side by side to their house.

Norman Roth
Norman Roth
Norman M. Roth is CEO of Roth Sales Enhancers. My Mission is to "Help Businesses Grow Profitability". Norman began his career with a degree in Business from the University of Miami, Florida. With more than four decades’ experience in Senior Sales Management, Sales Training, Client Retention, Business Coaching and creating successful Sales Processes, Norman Roth has developed a strong capability for helping start-ups, small, mid-size businesses and large companies hire, train and work together with other departments to build a more profitable company. Clients have ranged from small businesses with 10 or fewer employees generating under two million dollars in sales up to 1000’s of employees generating in excess of 3 billion in annual sales. He was designated a “Top Sales Trainer” and was cited in a major publication as a “talented, powerful Manager, Trainer, and New Business Developer.” He has also been called upon to speak at universities in their Business and Marketing Departments, authored and presented CEC courses and is a much sought after certified speaker. He is dedicated to the success of each client and honored to serve and believe in giving back I do extensive “pro bono business coaching and consulting for start-ups and very small distressed businesses.

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