Home Decor Trends For 2020

With everyone spending a lot more time at home, now is the perfect time to change things up, experiment, and be thinking about introducing some new interior updates.

We’ve slowly been seeing a big shift away from the trends that we have grown so familiar to over the past few years (grey dominant interiors anyone?) and it’s only going to get more drastic throughout 2020 and beyond.

Here are some trends that experts predict will be huge and here to stay for the foreseeable future, from significant all-out changes to smaller accent pieces that you can easily incorporate to modernise and breathe a bit of new life into your home. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s bound to be at least one that you’ll be excited to try out.

If any of these trends leave you feeling inspired and desperate to style up some rooms of your own, why not look for other ways to channel your love and passion for interior design and start a home staging business? Dabbling in some interior design courses is also a great way to develop a hobby and interest into a fully fledged career, allowing you to work with, and style, these trends on an everyday basis.


Quite possibly the interior colour for 2020, green is currently everywhere, from kitchen cupboards, furnishings and walls. Thanks to plant-mania and the resurgence in natural and earthy interior styles inspired by nature, green has a calm and relaxing effect, which is good for our well being and makes it a great colour to add to the home. Dark, bottle, and olive green hues are particularly popular at the moment, helping the mind to wander to luscious forests and big wide open fields while encouraging us to disconnect and take a step back from the business of modern life.

Iconic paint brand Dulux has even selected ‘Tranquil Dawn,’ a cool-tone shade of green, as the colour of the year 2020.

Add a pop of green to your home with dark green kitchen cabinets, dark green bedroom or living room walls, or simply invest in some green-hued furnishings such as cushions and bedding for a more subtle take on the trend.

Rattan and Wicker 

Part of the natural interiors trend, rattan and wicker furniture, is currently having a bit of a moment thanks to their natural texture and neutral bleached tones.

Seemingly everywhere, rattan and wicker are incredibly versatile materials and can fit into many home decor styles, ranging from bohemian to traditional, and will even look perfect alongside a more modern theme. The beautiful thing about this trend is that you can go all-in with big and ornate headboards, chairs, and benches, or you can dip your toe in and simply include them as accents around the home via lampshades, tray sets, and placemats and the room will still be transformed. Big or small, the addition of rattan and wicker is sure to update your interior with minimum effort.

To further complete the natural look, mix with luscious green and leafy plants and some oversized rustic pottery.

Farmhouse chic

The rustic farmhouse chic style slowly started to creep in in 2019, and it’s definitely here to stay – especially within the kitchen. Rustic and antique kitchen tools and accessories are a major and versatile trend that can be embraced in many different ways without the commitment of re-doing the entire kitchen. Have fun with it and shop around for wooden breadboards, rustic spoons, and utensils alongside primitive-looking bowls and containers. Alternatively, if you feel particularly invested in this trend, this could be the perfect time to add some open shelves for that rustic farmhouse aesthetic or update your kitchen cabinets for some wood-toned ones instead.

Organic pottery

What could be considered a pretty specific micro-trend, is also seemingly everywhere, in interior magazines and shops right through to the homes of our favourite influencers. The perfect accessory to combine both the rustic and natural interior trends of 2020, the bigger and older looking the pots and planters, the better. And if you think that you need a garden or outdoor space think again – dot smaller pots around your house for your own take on the trend. A small antique looking planter would be perfect for adding your basil plant to your kitchen for that rustic Italian-style chic aesthetic or simply add a bigger pot as a statement piece to your hallway instead.

Burnt orange

Gone are the millennial trends of pinks, rose gold, and cold Scandinavian greys, making space at the start of this new decade for more sophisticated earthy shades such as burnt oranges, rust, and terracotta. Deep oranges and spicy reds bring a certain 70’s nostalgia, which, when combined with the more rustic and primitive pieces that we are witnessing, adds a modern twist into the home. The perfect juxtaposition to the calmer, cooler green-tones that we are currently seeing, both work extremely well when thoughtfully paired with one another. Create a tonal space out of either colour or add spicy warm hues to brighten your home with various furnishings and other decorative accessories to create a classic and chic earth-toned palette throughout.

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