Highland Capital Management Co-Founder Mark Okada to Retire

Mark Okada, co-founder of Highland Capital Management, will retire at the end of 2019, according to the investment manager. “I’m proud of what we have built at Highland and all we achieved for our investors, community, and industry,” said Okada.

In his role at Highland Capital Management, Mark Okada was overseeing the company’s broad investment activities across the multibillion-dollar investment platforms, including hedge funds, separate accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, special situation private equity, and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).

With more than 30 years of experience in credit markets, Mr. Okada was an important asset to Highland Capital Management. As a pioneer in the development of the bank loan market, he was responsible for structuring one of the industry’s first non-bank CLOs.

Mark Okada was also known as the face of Highland Capital as he was a regular guest on Bloomberg Television and CNBC. Besides representing the company in the media, Mr. Okada was frequently quoted in the financial and business press. Mark is also devoted to a number of philanthropic and civic causes, especially those focused on education, faith-based service, and Japanese-American relations.

As for his position at Highland Capital Management, Mark Okada has been transferring responsibilities for several years to prepare for his retirement. Mr. Okada will officially leave his full-time role at the end of the year. While he is retiring from Highland Capital, Mr. Okada will remain in an advisory position at the Dallas-based hedge fund through the end of 2019.

Highland president James Dondero, who founded the multibillion-dollar company with Mark Okada in 1993, will continue to oversee the management of the firm. Dondero will also take over Mark’s co-chief investment officer duties, working alongside Joe Sowin.

“I thank all of my Highland colleagues for their outstanding contributions and particularly Jim for his friendship and support as I begin a new phase in my career,” Okada said.

“We are grateful to Mark for his service, his performance, his leadership, and his personality,” Dondero said in a statement. “Over our 30-year partnership, we built a lasting business that has been tested by multiple credit cycles. Mark helped shape Highland and position the firm for future growth. I look forward to working with him across our continuing endeavors.”

Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management (and its affiliates “Highland”) is a multibillion-dollar alternative investment company founded in 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada.

Highland Capital is known as a pioneer in the leveraged loan market. Over 25 years, the company has evolved building on its credit expertise and value-based approach and expanded into other asset classes.

Highland has defined its identity as experienced, disciplined and bold. The company’s experience is built on the leveraged loan and CLO markets, in which Highland Capital has remained a leader over numerous credit cycles.

Highland Capital Management takes a disciplined approach across the platform, seeking to align interests with the company’s investors through co-investment and transparency. The investment company also shows great discipline at the portfolio level: it uses checks and balances that help mitigate risks and volatility.

Highland’s policy on successful managers is clear: What separates great managers from good ones is how quickly they identify and avoid losers; with that view, the firm’s investment strategies focus on “alpha-by-avoidance.”

Finally, Highland Capital is an advocate for investors. The company has been a great leader in expanding access to alternatives for over 25 years. Highland always seeks to develop solutions for investors through unique and alternative offerings. That’s why it remains independent and promotes an entrepreneurial culture while encouraging new ideas and innovative approaches to deliver alpha and add value.

Today, Highland Capital Management operates a diverse investment platform, which serves both institutional and retail investors worldwide. As an addition to high-yield credit, Highland’s investment capabilities include public equities, real estate, private equity and special situations, structured credit, and sector- and region-specific verticals built around specialized teams.

Highland Capital also invests in organizations that are addressing some of the biggest issues in the company but also in society at large. Highland supports organizations it believes are making a material impact through volunteerism, advisory board involvement, and financial commitments to nonprofits on a local, national, and even global scale.

Highland Capital Management has a particular interest in supporting civic institutions in the Dallas community, and programs focused on education, research, health, military, veterans, first responders, youth, and family. So far, Highland has committed over $40 million to organizations around the world through its charitable giving initiatives.

Highland Capital operates offices in Dallas, Seoul, Singapore, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro.

Read the full press release here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/mark-okada-to-retire-from-highland-capital-management-300927407.html

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