Hidden Beliefs Reduce Choices

Our beliefs create our reality—literally!

If we don’t know which beliefs are true for us, we create our lives unconsciously not understanding why we experience life’s ups and downs.

When a negative feeling moves through you, take a moment and ask yourself why you feel that way. What meaning are you giving the situation to generate this negative feeling? What are you telling yourself about you and about others?

Some common hidden limiting beliefs include:

I’m not enough.
I’m not important.
I’m a screw-up.
My needs don’t matter.
There isn’t enough.
I’m unlovable.

Although none of these beliefs are true, when they are carried into adulthood they continue to color the events in our lives the same way they did in childhood. This happens as an automatic self-defense mechanism to avoid feeling our stored pain. These hidden beliefs attract situations to us that match up to our belief. Many of us stay distracted, stay busy, or disengage completely as ways to avoid feeling that pain.

For instance, if my hidden limiting belief is that I’m a screw-up, when something unexpected occurs, I could think it’s my fault or it may keep me from offering to help during the unexpected situation even though I have what is needed. When the meaning we have attached to a circumstance is hidden from us by our lack of awareness, we end up on ‘automatic’ and are unable to choose something that feels better to us when making decisions in our life. We see all circumstances through this lens and it limits the choices we see before us.

What if this is the truth about all each of us, regardless of what we have been told or learned in the past?

I am always enough exactly as I am.
I am as important as anyone else.
I do things in a way that works for me.
My needs are just as important as anyone else’s needs.
The universe provides everything I need and want.
I am love.

Instead of thinking “I’m a screw up” when something unexpected occurs, I can think it’s a chance for me to learn something new, make a new connection, slow down, or let go. If I have negative feelings that get triggered, I take time for myself to sit with, recognize, and express those feelings in healthy ways. Once the emotional energy has released, my mind becomes clear and it becomes obvious what action I can take on my own behalf. No longer responding to a hidden belief about myself that isn’t true or the old emotions tied to it, is how I show myself the love that I am.

Ready to uncover what has been hidden inside?


Wendy Watson-Hallowell | The Belief Coach
Wendy Watson-Hallowell | The Belief Coach
WENDY is passionate about enabling individuals, organizations and communities to value themselves and each other in the ongoing process of change. Wendy has guided hundreds of individuals and over 750+ public and private sector organizations to achieve tangible increases in impact and performance. Her successful practice in mentoring and coaching has led to authorship of the book, ‘Live a Life You Love and Make a Living Doing It’. Over the last 30 years, Wendy’s skills have been honed in leadership roles at MTV Networks, The Rensselaerville Institute, and a variety of community based projects in her town. In 2015 she launched BeliefWorks and offers Belief Coaching as a way to address the root cause of what limits the results we can achieve both personally and professionally. This is an 'upstream' solution to change. Instead of changing limiting behavior, she focuses on changing the limiting beliefs that drive that behavior. In all cases, her clients and partners speak to the specific increases in achievement that her consulting, coaching and partnership roles make possible.

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