Hey Leaders, Listen Up!

Are you troubleshooting with your team?

You can’t assume they know how to handle every scenario. It is important to give them the tools when presented with an obstacle, to help them succeed. It’s never comfortable when something goes wrong. By working with them to understand the power of customer service, they will be empowered to take the wheel. Basic manners and empathy can go a long way when faced with a problem.

Indulge me for a moment.

One morning I stopped at my usual coffee drive-through. I was having a great day. Very excited about my coffee! As the team member handed me my coffee, the lid popped off. Hot coffee spilling all over my hand. Total accident.

“That’s hot!” I said.

She responded, “yes it is.”

Took the cup and put it down. I was shaking the mess off my hand.

She was frozen.

I looked up and said, “do you have a towel or something.”

She grabbed some napkins and handed them to me. She disappeared.

I cleaned off my hands and the counter outside the window.

She return, handed me my coffee, and said “have a nice day.”

As if nothing had happened.

I was shocked. I said thank you and drove away.

As I was driving, I couldn’t believe the lack of manners. This is something that could have escalated with someone else.

I wasn’t upset. She didn’t intentionally burn me.

It made me think of my own team. I used this as a teachable moment with them.

Anytime someone is visibly hurt, upset, or uncomfortable a simple, “are you ok I’m sorry, let me help you, would be appropriate.

My team was in complete agreement. They may not always know exactly how to proceed, but that would be a good start. It made me realize their team’s leadership has not prepared them for possible problems.

Remember to not assume everyone knows the right thing to do. I provide scripts and problem solutions sheets for my team. We roll play scenarios to allow them to feel like the client and the team member. This empowers them to handle anything that comes their way.

We also have one rule. Never leave your team in the cold. Meaning if they are in trouble come to their rescue.

Stronger together!

Another thing I didn’t see from the coffee shop. Her team members clearly saw what happened, but none of them stepped in to help her.

Something will come up that has never happened before. Preparing your team to be empathic will go a long way for them and your company.


Claudia Wyatt
Claudia Wyatt
Claudia has been coaching high-performing teams for over 20 years. She is a natural leader. Always the observer, she sees the true potential cloaked beneath the surface. She can motivate anyone to stand in their light and thrive in all aspects of their lives. She started her own company, Claudia Wyatt Coaching, LLC., she uses her powers for good to inspire and empower people. As a certified Confidence and Life Purpose Coach, she eliminates doubt by working with mindset strategy to dig deep. She is unmatched in bringing out the best in people; allowing a safe space for people to unlock the light inside them. Claudia’s magnetic energy and contagious enthusiasm make her a fabulous speaker. Her mind works like lightning making her a key player in all conversations. She has done many podcasts including Be Strong 99, The Creative Woman Leader Podcast, and Pep Talk with Tisha Hammond. She leads a weekly interactive conversation on XXO guiding amazing people through self-care practices to gain limitless perspective and shine! With over 20 years in the wellness industry, she practices what she preaches. Ever the Storyteller, Claudia is deeply passionate about words. Anyone who gets her to play with words is in for a big surprise. She has a weekly motivational blog on her website and a book in the works. Claudia was selected by Success Pitchers as one of The 10 Most Admired Women Leaders in Business to Follow, 2022. Her magnetic energy is contagious! Get ready she will have you fired up and on your feet in seconds. Embrace Your Authentic Self and Dare To Be Different!

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  1. When it comes to a “true leader” there is never a lack of a list of characteristics or actions such as “generates enthusiasm, motivates, sets a good example, is empathetic, is charismatic, is a good communicator”. Instead, the teaching and the supportive action aspects are rarely addressed, which are the aspects that distinguishes the best leaders and responds to the growth desires of employees.
    The leader must convey to the employee the information, knowledge and wisdom he needs. His real challenge is to dedicate the right time and find the best way to convey the relevant information and make it understood by the employee. Furthermore, its supportive action creates a learning, stimulating, collaborative, respectful environment within the team and people are organized according to their passions.
    This generates a process of spontaneous continuous improvement, because people, loving their work, always want to give more and improve; thus their knowledge and the company itself grow.