Here’s The Pitch To Get Your Small Business Flying

Do you fancy yourself a business owner? Has the idea of working for yourself always been the dream? Then what is it you are waiting for? For some people, the idea of starting up a small business is appealing, but many haven’t a clue where to start. It takes a certain type of person to make something work, but it doesn’t mean that any one of us couldn’t make a success of a startup business. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the things to help you on your way. Allowing you to take your dream and turn it into a reality.


Do you have what it takes?

Many successful people will have the same opinion. You could take one hundred 25-year-olds and ask them what they want to do in life. I would guarantee all of them would say they want to be successful and financially stable. Fast forward to when those 25-year-olds turn into 65-year-olds, will they have all achieved what they set out to? The answer is no. Only a mere five percent of those people will have made it to where they wanted to be in life. That is because of anything good in life, be that success or wealth takes work and dedication. Even relationships and the free things in life take dedication and commitment to make them the best they can be. Family life, work life, it’s all one of the same. It’s having that drive to make it happen that will make any entrepreneur create a successful small business. Do you have what it takes? Do you know what work is required of you to make this a success? There is only one way to find out. Just start.



Here’s the thing, you need an idea

It can all start with just a little seed, that idea that get’s planted in your mind. You may dismiss it for a while, but it’s always there. For some, you may nurture that idea, develop it in your mind. But any business or startup venture starts in this way. It just takes a seed to be cared for, worked at, for it to then be created into the mighty tree it was meant to be. Some seeds only grow a little, every idea is different. But it all starts at this point.

The importance of a business plan

Some entrepreneurs take the time to organise their business plans. It’s so important to have this guide set out in front of you. It enables you to know the direction, which will help aid your decision process in the future. But once they are done some entrepreneurs tend to forget about them going forward. Business gets in the way, and life moves on. But referring back to your business plan is essential to move forward. This enables you to have the best intentions of what you want to do. Giving you the opportunity to add to your plan as business moves forward or perhaps even changes direction. Don’t forget the importance of it.

Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org This microstock required lots of post processing to get the blue tint. I also needed a bounce card to get more detail in the glasses.
Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org This microstock required lots of post processing to get the blue tint. I also needed a bounce card to get more detail in the glasses.


What about the finances?

The financial side of things is a tough area to cover because it can be so personal to you and your investment that you have. But let me tell you, a business can be started on good old motivation and ambition. However, cash flow within a business can be a tough cookie to crack, especially when you are just starting out. You will invoice for work that you do, but yet have to offer a pay window to receive your funds. This can cripple a new business as money needs to be accounted for. This is when referring to a Factoring Company Directory could be the answer. These companies will buy your invoices enabling you to inject cash quicker back into your business and move forward. It makes perfect financial sense.

Where will you work from?

The next thing to work out would be where you will work from. Can you do it from the comfort of your home or do you require a storage unit or office space? Of course, what you have to factor in is the cost of using premises. Or even the size and type of premises you might need. But it could also be a cost worth spending if you find yourself more productive or have space to see and do things. Let’s be honest, it can be easy to procrastinate or be distracted when at home. You may even want to consider taking your laptop and mobile to a local cafe. Enjoy a decent coffee while putting yourself in a more productive headspace.

Startup Stock Photos
Startup Stock Photos


Think about your brand

Your brand, be that your logo design and website is often the first impression your business gets to make. So it’s important for it to stand out and be bold while providing the message you want it to deliver. Of course, it is also worth considering the longevity of your brand. Logo design and branding can cost quite a bit so you will want to ensure you get this right first time. This is why it can be so important for any business to invest in their logo and brand being created by professionals. This ensures that image and quality are high resolution and they will work towards your brief.

Make more of your online presence

Everything is done online these days, isn’t it? From your food shopping to your clothes being delivered. Most people head to their computers or smartphones to seek out companies that they need for particular things. One valuable tool is social media, and the best part about them is, they are free to use. Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest social platforms. Giving you the chance to get your business and brand in front of people you never thought possible. They even offer decent advertising rates to ensure that you can stick to your demographics. The one thing you must do is ensure that your online presence remains professional. While striking the balance of humanising your company and being approachable. Many of the larger companies these days have seen great marketing success from answering queries directly. Do something that fits your brand and ethos and try and stand out from the crowd. While the internet is a great tool, it is also saturated with other entrepreneurs doing exactly the same thing. What makes you different?


Think outside of the box when it comes to marketing

Consider your local community

Being part of the community is a great way to market your business and advertise. There is a certain trend making a comeback where many people to shop local or use local services. It’s about investing in their own community which is why you should make it apparent within your marketing that you are a local. A great way to to do this is to use local events for advertising or even sponsoring an event to take place. Another brand-boosting way you can do this is to be more involved with local charities. This is a great way for you to help put a good cause, while they can help you through advertising. Be the expert on the doorstep, and you have a great stepping stone to jump from.

Be the expert you know you are

You started this business. You know your stuff. So make sure that everyone knows that you are an expert in your field. What you don’t want to do is appear as a know it all. That’s understandable. But expert knowledge is key. It’s key for people to have confidence in your brand. This is where you need to make the most of what you know.

Make the most of SEO and your website

Search engine optimisation and keywords on your business are important for it to show up in searches. This could be through Google or other platforms. If you are not familiar with this type of marketing strategy outsourcing it to a professional would be recommended.

The power of local charities

You want to be seen as a business within the local community. This is where local charities could help boost your profile. While doing something for a good cause. Sponsoring charities or organising events where you raise money for them will be a great way to boost the profile. A charity will also advertise their relationship with you, so everyone wins.

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