Here’s How To Make Your Business Greener

We live in a time where statistically mankind is healthier and wealthier than ever before. Nonetheless, we are also experiencing a serious threat to our very existence. Our planet, that has supported and provided for us for so long, is now at threat. All of us, regardless of our salary, or job position, have a role when it comes to protecting our planet and reducing our individual carbon footprint. As a business owner, you have an even greater responsibility, particularly if you work in an industry that is a significant contributor to global warming.

An overwhelming number of companies are responding to the current environmental crisis, pledging to go carbon neutral at a designated time, and many tech companies are developing tools and software to help in the fight against global warming. Environmentally friendly products are a growing market, with the consumer placing this as a high desirable.

You may have all the best intentions in the world, however, you may not be aware of the ways that you and your business could be impacting the environment. You may require an environmental compliance audit, to see if your business is compliant and to identify any potential gaps that it needs to improve. This can be costly, however, and may even be unnecessary if you are a small business owner. Being environmentally friendly often comes down to individual responsibility as well as following current government guidelines. You can, however, and should, be thinking ahead, and implementing strategies to make your business greener.

Motivate and reward your employees

An excellent way that you can make your business greener, is by rewarding your employees for their personal efforts. Cycle to work schemes are excellent ways to get workers out of their car, which will not only reduce their Co2 emissions but make them fitter and healthier. Consider rewarding the employees who meet certain ‘green targets’, perhaps that the person who uses the least energy, or the employee who takes public transport.

Lead by example

If you are asking your workers to step up their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, then you need to also show them that this is something you also take very seriously. You should reflect this in your business’s stance on the environment. If you don’t currently have a clear position or policy, then make one.  Try to reduce single-use plastic and non-recyclable materials where possible, and consider refurbished devices from sites such as instead of buying new products.

Only use Post Consumer Waste 

Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) includes paper, paper products, and packaging. Of course, if you can then try to avoid using paper, but we realise that there is still a place for paper in many businesses. Using recycled paper is ideal as it uses far less energy than regular paper.

Consider alternative energy

Green power is more popular than it has ever been. Many green energy companies offer government subsidised energy solutions, that may include wind, solar power, geothermal, hydropower, and plant matter.

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