Here Are The Main Reasons Customers Bounce

When you’re running a business online, it’s important to keep an eye on certain metrics. One of the main metrics that you must focus on is your bounce rate. This is the level of users that click off your site after a relatively short time. Essentially, they are clicking away before there is time for them to engage with your business or any part of your brand. This means that you have no chance of securing a sale.

So, how can you deal with this? Well, you need to understand some of the key reasons why customers tend to bounce. Once you get to grips with the main reasons you’ll be able to put the right fixes in place here.

Tech Trouble

The technical aspects of your business website do matter. It’s important that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking that customers are willing to forgive technical issues because the reality is that they most likely won’t.

There are a few technical issues that you could have with your business website. For instance, it’s possible that pages aren’t loading quickly enough. If that’s the case, then we’re confident that your customers will click away because they are bored of waiting. That’s understandable because everyone including your customers are in a rush. You might want to think about upgrading your hosting service to ensure that you do get the right impact here.

A poor hosting solution will always result in slower speeds. It could also be worth exploring whether you can compress the data on your business website. Breaking down the data will ensure that images, video and other types of content aren’t causing your website to take precious extra minutes to load.

You need to ensure that your business website looks professional too. For instance, you should consider how you are using pop ups. Pop ups can be useful to your audience, but if they are too intrusive then customers are going to end up absolutely hating them.

No Useful Content

In the world of marketing content is king. That’s something that you should keep in mind when you are looking at the improvements that you can make to your business website.  There are different types of content that you can add to your website that will make it a more useful option for potential customers and ensure that they do stick around.

For instance, you should think about adding pillar content. This content is essentially the foundation of your website. It provides information on the products and services that you offer while addressing specific queries that could make customers think twice about committing to a purchase decision.

You can add evergreen content too which is useful all the time, regardless of the month or season and also trending content. Trending content will often take the form of either blog posts or news articles. Both can be great choices and will ensure that you are able to gain the results that you were hoping for in terms of engagement. It could even ensure that you increase shareability which will help expand your brand across social media.

Poor Web Design

If you have a poor web design then it’s likely having a front door that has seen better days. No ones going to want to walk through it and if they do they are definitely not going to stick around. A poor web design suggests that your business isn’t professional or successful.

If you are worried about the design of your website, then you can think about using a professional service to upgrade it for you. A lot of people think that your web design doesn’t matter and they tend to rely on templates that are available for free. The problem with this is that the end result will be that your website ends up looking like all the others online and won’t stand out. If you’re not offering anything different then customers will have no reason to choose your company over the rest.

If you want to ensure that your web design creates the right impact, then you should think about introducing some unique features. For instance, you can add animations. There are softwares available online that makes this simple with a one-click service. You can also improve your web design with the help of the right marketing agency.

Lack Of Structure

Finally, you should consider the structure of your business website. Ideally, you need to aim for a three click structure. A three click structure means that a user is never any further than three clicks away from what they’re looking for on your website.

You can do this by adding links to certain parts of your website. However, you do need to approach this change carefully. It’s important that you don’t impact the SEO of different parts of your website.

This is why it can be worth hiring a professional to restructure your website rather than altering it yourself. If you don’t approach a restructure the right way, then it can end up with your website becoming an absolute mess.

Do note that there are shortcuts that you can take to improve the overall site structure. For instance, you might want to think about adding a chat bot to your website. The right chat bot will mean that you can provide customers instant responses to any queries that they might have.

Chatbots are affordable enough for small businesses as well as larger companies. As such, there’s no need to worry that this type of addition to your website is going to cost you a fortune. They are also readily available online from plenty of different companies.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you should take to guarantee that you are fixing a high bounce rate for your business website. If you take the right steps here then you should be able to increase the revenue of your company and guarantee that you don’t end up in a situation where there are major problems with losing out on potential sales. Remember, for some of these issues you will need the support of a professional marketing team to complete the right fix.

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