Here Are 5 Factors You Need To Consider When Creating A Company Logo

Every business has an identity. The identity may be seen through a name or a logo. A logo is a drawing or graphic mark used to help public identification; this is according to This means that your business logo tells a lot about your business. The question is how then do you get a logo that makes the correct statement for your business? Before you get a logo, you need to go through a lot of ideas. As a business owner, having a website and a mobile app is not enough to put your business out there. You need a logo that you will be speaking on your behalf. A logo is supposed to make a statement even when the name doesn’t. The truth is some people may differ in pronouncing your business name but will all agree on the business when they see your logo. Below are some of the things you need to consider when creating a business logo:

  1. Trends

If there is one mistake you can do to your business when creating a logo is following trends. The reality of the matter is that trends are like seasons. They come in phases. So, if want your company logo to mean something to you in the future and through all seasons, don’t design it based on trends. Always have independent ideas when creating your business logo. Your business logo should have a meaning even to the next generation. If you design your business logo based on trends, it will lose meaning immediately the trend is gone.

  1. Size and shape

The size of your business logo matters a lot. You need to have a size that can fit on anything you intend to use. The logo should still be visible and have a meaning even when reduced in size. As a business owner, you need to get a logo with a manageable shape because you might need to put the logo on your official letterhead. In short, your company logo will be your trademark. You should design it with that in mind.

  1. Try it in a few colours

The other mistake people do is design their logo in many colours. The truth is that the logo should have your colour theme as a company. What happens if you own a business with multiple products? Choose colours that you like, preferably one or two. For instance, banks have logos that are built around their colour themes. To ensure your logo doesn’t look terrible when it is printed in other colours, always try drawing and creating your logo design in black and white. Thereafter, you can find the colour that you want

  1. Recognition and branding

One thing you should never undermine is the power of recognition through a logo. For instance, there are companies with just a simple logo that say it all. When you see the logo of Nike, what comes to your mind? You immediately think of the shoes that it makes. You also need to make sure that your logo speaks for the business when people see it. The best thing about unique business logos is that they create brand awareness on their own. Which business owner wouldn’t like that for their business success?

  1. Research

The other option you have is doing your own research. You can get answers from different avenues.  The avenues include online research and probably asking professional companies like Brand Root that design logos for businesses. This will help you design the best logo for your company.


Sujain Thomas
Sujain Thomas
SUJAIN is a data IT professional who works closely with DBA experts to provide her clients with fantastic solutions to their data problems. If you need data IT solutions, she is the person for the job. She has contributed articles on, and many more.

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