Many of us are proud of where we live or where we come from, so much so that we would love to be able to do more to help the community thrive. The problem is that many parts of the country you live in may have more funding and help than others, so sometimes it is down to the locals to help make the area a brighter place to be. So you may be wondering what it is you can do? Here are some suggestions to help your local community thrive.

Organise events to get everyone involved

When it comes to community one of the best ways that you can help people come together would be through an event. This is a great way to get local businesses involved as well as having an event that everyone can enjoy. It will be a chance for people to truly understand what they have in their local area, such as providers of business, servicemen and women they can rely on and even the chance to meet new people from the local surroundings. It could be family orientated with food and entertainment and could become an event that happens more frequently and grows in success.

Help restore iconic buildings and churches in the area

Many areas have run down parts where buildings are going to ruin or areas are just not as maintained as they should be, and this is what can bring the village or town down a little. For example, churches are iconically beautiful, however, many are left and are in need of repair. This is when you could come together as a community and enlist the help of church design and construction specialists to ensure that things can be restored back to their former glory. It could become a pivotal point in the area, a place to congregate and meet.

Look after the local green areas

Most areas have parks and playgrounds, green belts or just open areas where people can sit and enjoy the space around them. However, when was yours last taken care of? This could be simple things such as weeding the flowerbeds and planting new flowers, it might be cutting the grass so it can be enjoyed by children, and maintain playgrounds so they are safe for the community. It is the small things, such as open spaces that are free to use, that can make a big difference to the community and the spirit.

Start a community magazine or online blog

Finally, it may be time to start thinking about a community magazine or an online blog where people can stay in touch with the latest news, changes and even events that are up and coming. This is a chance for local businesses to advertise directly to the community, and also an opportunity for people to come together for organised events and news. Helping to build the community and local area back up to its best.

Let’s hope this has given you something to think about when it comes to the local area and community you live in.

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